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Jeannie Solomon pjcc nutritionistNutrition Counselling

Jeannie Solomon is a certified nutrition and wellness coach who focuses on holistic nutrition and whole-body wellness, providing the guidance needed to pursue healthy, nutritious lifestyles.  Available by appointment.

Thursdays • FREE
1:30 - 2:30 pm
Reduce stress and improve your emotional well-being.

The Best in Cinema: Monday at the Movies

Catch rare and interesting movies at the PJCC.

book clubJewish Book Club

Join our group that explores a different book each month.



Do you have any questions about any classes, events or gatherings? If so, please contact one of the following representatives.

Adult & Older Adults Programs

Classes & Workshops for Adults | PJCC

classes and workshops every month for all ages and interests.

Jewish Life Classes

Want to learn Hebrew? Increase your Yiddish vocabulary? Check out some of our Jewish education classes.

weight lossWeight Loss Your Way

Reset your habits in this motivating NEW 8 week program. Understand how to finally lose those extra pounds using a holistic and big picture approach. 

For more information contact Jeannie Solomon, PJCC Nutrition & Wellness Coach, at 650.378.2722.

Beginning Watercolors

Experience the fun and excitement in painting with watercolors. This class will focus on learning basic watercolor techniques such as washes, gradation, color mixing and blending. There will also be strong emphasis on design and composition of subject matter. Students will learn how to draw a pencil layout with accuracy and balance. During the classes, the instructor will give step-by-step demonstrations. Supplies provided for first class; instructor will then provide a supplies list. You can either bring your own, or use provided supplies for an additional materials fee ($7 per class, $35 for series). Instructor: Shirley Lim has been a watercolor artist since her teenage years. She worked as a graphic designer in New York, Toronto and San Francisco for over 15 years before becoming a watercolor painting instructor for children and adults in early 2009. For more information, visit her website at: Registration Required.

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Learn the current basics of bridge with an emphasis on bidding and play of the hand.

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Bridge: Supervised Play

Supervised play for all levels of bridge. No instruction provided but our expert bridge teacher is present for consultation on all hands. Instructor: Sandy Dennison is an experienced teacher who has taught the game privately and at local community centers since 1990. Registration required.

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Chinese Brush Painting 101

Discover Chinese Brush Painting and create your own piece of artwork, Instructor: Marina Wang

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Food for Thought: Decisions in the Dark

A Refugee Girl's Journey

In her memoir as a very young witness to the Nazi takeover of Austria, Eva Maiden's personal account tells of the life of a girl under threat. From being refugees in Switzerland to her family's arrival in America on the last passenger ship to leave Italy before the US entered WWII, Eva tells the story of a young woman's resilient approach to challenges. Eva Maiden has been a speaker at several Jewish venues in the Bay Area and is involved in the Holocaust survivors movement in the Bay Area. Registration suggested.

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Food for Thought: Good Cop, Bad Daughter

As one of the first generation of female cops in the San Francisco Police Department, Karen Lynch had an uphill battle to prove that she was just as capable to serve as the men in her unit. She also came from a counterculture family with a mentally ill mother who looked down on her daughter's career working for 'the man.' In her memoir, 'Good Cop, Bad Daughter,' Karen Lynch recounts her days on the force and her struggle to reconcile her personal and professional lives. Registration suggested.

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Food For Thought: Jerusalem of Gold

Come hear the story of 'Jerusalem of Gold,' one of the most well-known modern Hebrew songs, which Naomi Shemer wrote in 1967. The song became almost prophetic when the Six-Day War broke out just weeks after it was first performed at an Israeli musical event. Alongside its almost National Anthem status, it sparked a political debate, as well as a plagiarism scandal in later years. Marev Rozenblum, an Israeli translator and teacher of Hebrew at the Jewish Community High School of the Bay, will show clips of the song and introduce some of the rabbinical texts that inspired Shemer. Registration suggested.

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Food for Thought: Linguistic Root of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

What is this War All About?

Russia claims its annexation of Crimea was to protect ethnic Russians living there. Western media portrays it as a tale of two Ukraines, the Russian-speaking south and east and the Ukrainian-speaking north and west. But both views are over-simplified at best and distorted at worst. Come learn another view of the geopolitical and economic issues underlying the conflict. Professor Asya Perelsvaig is a lecturer in Linguistics at Stanford University. She received a PhD in linguistics from McGill University and taught at Yale, Cornell and Stanford as well as several European universities. Registration suggested.

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Food For Thought: Low Interest Rates Got You Down?

Retired people and conservative investors are struggling with how to navigate the financial world now that income returns are so low. Bring your questions and learn more about the choices available to investors with Robert Simon of UBS Financial Services. Robert, Senior Vice President of Investments for UBS Financial Services, has 24 years of investment experience to create portfolios designed for principal preservation and income. Registration suggested.

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Food For Thought: Opening the Door to Jewish Cuba

With restrictions lifting, travel to Cuba will become easier, but Jewish groups have been allowed to visit Cuba and its Jewish communities. Did you know there was a Jewish congregation in Guantanamo? Come hear about the people and the country from Ariel Goldstein, the Travel Program Manager at the JCCSF. Ariel Goldstein was born in Uruguay and studied tourism at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has led many trips to Cuba, Israel, Europe, Latin America, Africa and India, and is fluent in several languages. Registration suggested.

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Food for Thought: Women of Valor

Polish Resisters to the Third Reich

Celebrate the actions and lives of remarkable young Jewish and Gentile Polish women who defied the Nazi Germans. Joanne Gilbert's book, based on first-hand interviews with these extraordinary women who are now in their 80s and 90s, reveals previously unrecognized, valiant and successful anti-Nazi actions. Joanne worked as an educator and civil rights activist before establishing her own Personal Historian business dedicated to celebrating and preserving Jewish History - one story at a time. Registration suggested.

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Introductory Photography Course

Wonder why your photos don't look the way you imagined? Interested in understanding how to use your SLR, Point-and-Shoot, Smart Phone, or Tablet camera more effectively?
In this five-session course, members of the Peninsula Camera Club who have placed in Advanced or Masters competition levels will present key photography topics to help you compose and execute better images, understand basic camera operations, and become familiar with photo editing software. Practice what you've learned on a field trip to a local site.
PCC members and referrals please call the Welcome Center at 650.378.2703 to register.

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Jewish Book Discussion

Join other readers for a lively discussion of Jewish themed books on loan from the Jewish Community Library's Book Club in a Box. Facilitator Jim Van Buskirk, coordinator of Book Club in a Box, leads a lively and intelligent discussion each month. Registration suggested.

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Living Healthy Workshop

This 7-week workshop provides tools for living a healthy life. Weekly sessions offer practical techniques and support for feeling better and making the best choices for your health and well-being. The classes address nutrition (including healthy snacks), physical activity, stress and pain management, memory, self-confidence and working effectively with healthcare providers. This workshop is offered in partnership with Sequoia Healthcare District as a free community service. Registration required.

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Outside These Walls: Nature Hike

Meet new friends, experience the awe of being in nature and stay fit! Join Deborah Newbrun, a noted Jewish environmental educator, as she explores Jewish themes to help you learn about the Jewish roots of connecting to the land and nature. Stay tuned for the Peninsula-area hike location and directions. Earn 100 JCC Rewards points for pre-registering and attending. Registration required.

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Take A Breath: An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is one of the most natural and rewarding of all human activities. It is an effective technique for stress reduction. It brings balance, rest and a growing inner peace, and contributes to physical, emotional and mental well- being. Meditation can also give us direct, intuitive experience of higher realities. Drawing on the experience of mindfulness and on insights of the Jewish spiritual path, we will give ourselves the gift of wellness through meditation.

This class is open to all, Jews and non-Jews alike, and includes simple and basic instructions in the practice of meditation.

Rabbi Lavey Derby has practiced meditation for over twenty years and has been teaching meditation for the past ten years.

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Tasting "Jerusalem"

Come see and taste what the 'Jerusalem' buzz is all about! Join PJCC Nutrition & Wellness Coach Jeannie Solomon for this three-part series as we spend time discussing and cooking from the award-winning 'Jerusalem: A Cookbook' by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. The classes will include conversation, recipe exchange, cooking demonstrations and samples. Each class will be unique, so you can take part in one or all of the sessions. Pre-registration required.

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The Best in Cinema: Monday at the Movies

Avoid the crowds at the theater and catch a variety of rare, thought-provoking films here at the PJCC!

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