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Curriculum Coach

Are you an educator passionate about developing curriculum, supporting educators and implementing core values in the classroom? This might be the role for you! The Curriculum Coach is responsible for assisting with the overall development and direction of Jewish and classroom curriculum within the PJCC Preschool. In this position, you work with the preschool directors in supporting the preschool teachers. This includes Jewish and classroom curriculum development, providing best documentation practices and classroom mentorship. This role works to actively articulate and implement the PJCC Preschool vision in the classroom while providing support and guidance to the preschool teachers.

Essential Functions:

  • Lead and motivate preschool educators, in conjunction with the Directors, to ensure overall success of the department by communicating agency vision and strategy, job expectations, coaching and fostering continued professional development
  • Mentor, support and collaborate with educational staff to continually deepen their thinking about teaching and learning and their ability to construct meaningful and responsive learning experiences with the children
  • Guide the development and implementation of Jewish and classroom curriculum; review and revise as needed
  • Represent the mission and values of the PJCC Preschool to parents, staff and those who inquire.
  • Ensure that the Jewish educational vision of the PJCC Preschool is reflected in the classroom practices
  • Ensure that differentiation among children’s learning styles and emotional needs are met by classroom teachers
  • Emphasize and fully support “constructivist” practice by modeling, working in partnership with teachers and/or through ongoing coaching conversations
  • Provide ongoing support to teachers to improve their capacities for observing and listening to children, documenting projects and conducting their own research 
  • Meet with teaching teams to study and reflect upon the Jewish and classroom intentions in the classroom and create learning environments based on the children’s’ interests/needs
  • Ensure that documentation of curriculum occurs in every classroom
  • Work with Directors to maintain best Jewish practices and school goals within the program
  • Support the Directors in designing weekly, monthly, day long and retreat professional development meetings for staff
  • Collaborate with the directors to create and maintain a library of resources for teachers (books, articles, videos, etc.)
  • Attend all required preschool meetings, trainings and events
  • Represent the PJCC in a professional manner and provide excellent customer service
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