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Preschool Jobs

Interested in being part of the PJCC Preschool? Apply now!

Professional development opportunities and tuition assistance available. FREE Gym and Pool Access!

Take a look at the full list of open positions and apply here.

Preschool Teacher: $19.32 – $23.29/hour (Full and Part Time Positions Available)

Essential Functions:

  • Create a classroom environment that supports the needs of each individual child with concerns for their interests, individual learning style and stage of development, as well as the class as a group. Helps each child to become aware of his / her role as a member of the group while reinforcing positive self-esteem.
  • Plans individual and group activities to stimulate growth in language, social, and motor skills such as learning to listen to instructions, playing with others, and using play equipment.
  • Incorporate learning about Jewish holidays, values and culture into the classroom environment.
  • Instructs children in practices of self-care, and help children with self-care as needed. Implement a developmentally appropriate toilet-training program in a positive and nurturing manner when needed.
  • Is responsible for ordered arrangement, appearance, and age-appropriate learning environment of classroom. Develops and implements lesson plans. Cares for, maintains, and requests supplies and equipment.
  • Alternates periods of strenuous activity with periods of rest or light activity to avoid overstimulation and fatigue.
  • Helps children develop habits of caring for own clothing and picking up and putting away toys and books.
  • Serves meals and healthy snacks to children.
  • Communicate with families regularly through email, in-person conversation and annual parent-teacher conferences.