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Beged Kefet: Aleph (First Grade)

Kita Alef (1st Grade)

Kita Alef (first grade) is for incoming first or second graders who speak Hebrew and are not yet familiar with the Hebrew alphabet. Students will meet once a week for an hour-and-a-half.

Students learn the Hebrew alphabet, vowels, punctuation and reading through direct instruction, games, songs and stories. They also learn about the Jewish holidays and Israeli culture, all in an interactive environment. The curriculum focuses on learning reading and writing while conversing in Hebrew, acquiring and developing language skills through the following stages:

Familiarity with the alphabet: Sounds (vowels and consonants), short words, words and sentences, reading short stories.

Writing: Letters of the alphabet in print and cursive, Nikud.

Language and reading comprehension: Reading short stories and completing activities and assignments related to the reading.

Enriching the language: Through didactic games to strengthen the linguistic treasury.

Holidays and events in Jewish calendar: One or two lessons per holiday—the holiday and its symbols, combined with linguistic tasks, as well as reading and writing according to the pace of progress.

Additional content, literature and poetry: The seasons of the year. In addition, emphasis will be placed on the recognition of Jewish/Israeli life and culture, holidays and events all in an interactive, engaging, and creative environment appropriate for this age group. Along with the curriculum, we intend to build a special atmosphere between the children and their families which will take place several times during the year in preparation for Shabbat and the holidays.

Parental Partnership: The pedagogical staff operates in a systemic approach that relates to the group of children, their parents, their families and the characteristics of the community to which we belong. Communication with parents will be through several channels:

  • Parents’ Meeting: In the first month of the year, a group meeting will be held in which the teacher will present the annual program and classroom culture, as well as work expectations.
    Celebrations and Events: During the year there will be a number of family activities in the classroom and within the school as a whole.
  • Regular Reports: Parents will receive updates about the program progress and significant events through the group’s website.
    Information about tuition and fees can be found on our Registration Guidelines page.