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Koret Taube Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood

The PJCC is proud to be a part of the Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood, co-funded by the Koret Foundation and the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture. Through this initiative, we present programs and celebrations that bring community together, travel and education programs that build connections to Israel and the heritage of the Diaspora communities, innovative classes and participatory experiences that elevate Jewish literacy and invigorate Jewish practice. The PJCC believes that the ongoing vitality of the Jewish people lies in the richness of its communal life, the vibrancy and diversity of its cultural and spiritual expression, and the shared experiences that inspire a sense of connectedness to Jews everywhere and in every generation.

What is “Jewish Peoplehood”?

For millennia, the concept of Jewish Peoplehood has inspired, intrigued, and perplexed Jews and non-Jews alike across the globe. Are Jews defined by their culture? Can there be Jewishness without Judaism as a faith? Are Jews a nation? With the rise of Zionism and the birth of the modern Israeli state, how does the concept of a Jewish People change? Some wonder if the very act of wrestling with these complex and fascinating issues might not itself help define modern Jewishness.

We invite you to join us in this unique exploration, through an ambitious array of entertaining, thought-provoking, and innovative Jewish cultural programs at the PJCC. Thanks to the Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood, the PJCC will offer high-profile events, lectures and artistic and educational activities for all age groups to elevate this age-old discussion to a new contemporary level.

As with all PJCC activities, our programs and events seek participants from all faiths and cultural backgrounds.