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PJCC Basecamp Guide for Marketing Requests

Submitting a Marketing Request (MRF)

  1. Go to pjcc.org/marketing.
  2. Complete the form and click submit. You will submit a MRF for each project, versus each item. This is a new change.
  3. MRFs may only be completed by the person who is the initial point person for a project. Please be as detailed as possible and refrain from submitting a marketing request without copy and an overall vision for your project. The marketing team is available to meet should discussions be desired prior to submitting a MRF.
  4. Once the MRF is submitted and entered into the Marketing project management system called Basecamp, you will receive a confirmation and invitation to that project

Project Communications

  1. All communications of the project are being consolidated in a new tool called Basecamp. You can follow the progress for each project by following the link you receive in your welcome email for each project, once you’ve submitted the MRF. You will be able to see your original MRF in Basecamp as well.
  2. Simply reply to messages from the Marketing team generated through Basecamp like usual and they will automatically go to the whole team via Basecamp. In Basecamp, you are able to review proofs, add documents (text), upload images, make comments and see current statuses for each part of the project.
  3. Files such as Word docs, photos, or images will be placed in the Basecamp section called Docs & Files.
  4. Updated information concerning the project can be placed on the Message board.
  5. You will receive proofs located with each individual item; a notification will be emailed when it is there.
  6. Simply reply to emails from the Marketing team like usual and they will automatically go to the whole team via Basecamp.
  7. Use this method if you have copy changes, design ideas, need to email over new photos or logos, or simply have a question for the designer.

Approving or Rejecting a Proof

  1. When a designer or other Marketing team member needs your approval, you will receive an email from Basecamp.
  2. Click the “Download” link next to the file they have attached in the request. Review the file in detail. If the item is for print, be sure to look at it in actual size if it is 11 x 17 or smaller.
  3. In the page that the Download link was found type “Yes, I approve” or “No, not yet”
  4. Type your edits or kudos when approved in the field that says “Type your Comments Here.” If you have a lot of edits please mark them as comments in a PDF editor and write See Marked Up Version in new email.
  5. If you have a new file with your edits for the Designer to review go back to your email with the Approval request. Reply to that email with the new file attached and any notes you have in the email body.
  6. This process will continue until the project is approved. Three or less rounds of proofs are allowed.