Middle School

Beged Kefet Hebrew School: Middle School Classes

The Beged Kefet Hebrew language school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Our middle school classes are for sixth through eighth grade students with prior knowledge of reading and writing in Hebrew. Placement in various classes is based on a student assessment taken at the end of the fifth grade in Beged Kefet, or when they enroll in the school. In addition, we also offer a blended middle school class for beginning readers. Placement in this class is dependent upon an evaluation either after registration.

These classes continue to focus on developing Hebrew language skills in all aspects of the language—reading, speaking, writing and comprehension—while emphasizing Israeli cultural aspects through a variety of texts and subjects that are relevant to the students. One of the school’s goals is to create a social framework for youth with similar backgrounds and interests while celebrating the holidays and providing opportunities to lead age-appropriate workshops. The curriculum also prepares students for high school level classes. Middle school classes meet once a week for an hour-and-a-half. The schedule for each class can be found on the Campuses page. Information about tuition and fees can be found on our Registration Guidelines page.


Middle School Classes

Beged Kefet’s middle school curriculum is based on three main educational pillars: language, social and community values, and skills and knowledge.
During the school year, the students will cultivate and strengthen their language skills. They will be exposed to a variety of topics, work with complex texts in Hebrew and continue to deepen their understanding and comprehension, with the end goal of achieving mastery of the language.

Beged Kefet sees great importance in helping to shape the identity of the students and from this perspective. It is proud to offer a three-year program that focuses on issues of identity and belonging in a thoughtful and enjoyable way. The content is adapted to suit each grade level and develops alongside the students during this important time of adolescence and the formation of their personal identity.

Identity and belonging with an emphasis on the journey towards Bar and Bat Mitzvah: The students will undergo a special program, developed by Beged Kefet itself, where they will learn more about social circles, gender roles, Israeli-Jewish identity, have the opportunity to visit a synagogue with their class, and learn more about their personal family history.

Beged Kefet is honored to be able to collaborate with “Anu – The Museum of the Jewish People“, formerly known as Beit Hatfuzot, as part of the international program My Family Story. The program accompanies teens from all around the world, who are approaching their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, in creating a project that showcases their families’ roots in a meaningful way.

Social responsibility and community engagement: The students will learn the importance of taking responsibility and being involved with the community in which they live, and think critically about the social and environmental reality that surrounds them. The students will especially focus on working with the elderly, in conjunction with the program subject of “intergenerational connection”, created in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Social Equality and “Anu – The Museum of the Jewish People“.

As part of the focus on “intergenerational connection”, the students will work on expanding their understanding of community by being connected to a member of the elderly generation within the community. The final project for the year will involve each pair of students interviewing their assigned elderly community member and documenting their life story. In preparation, the student will learn how to interview, write and edit a piece of this style. The goal of the project is to connect young people with elderly community members and, through their story, learn more about history and that every person’s story is significant.

State of Israel and Israeli society: The students will learn about various aspects of Israel, including the social, geographical, and cultural aspects of the country. The students will participate in a series of meetings, hosted by professional facilitators, of the program “Israel for REEL”, the flagship program of the ICC@JCC for Israel education. In these meetings, the students will learn about topics such as home and belonging, the Arab community in Israeli society, the relationship between religion and the state and more, by watching short clips from Israeli movies and TV shows in Hebrew. Through this media, the students will be able to open up and have discussions about the many layers of Israeli society. The program is run in partnership with the Ma’aleh School of Film and Television in Israel and the Israeli TV station “Reshet 13”. During regular classes, the students will also learn about prominent Israeli personalities, important and historical sites in Israel, and about the nature and culture of the country.

For any questions, please contact us by email at begedkefet@paloaltojcc.org.


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