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Center Members: Make it a PJCC Summer... Check Out Our Weekend Activities at the Outdoor Pool!
Center Members: Make it a PJCC Summer... Check Out Our Weekend Activities at the Outdoor Pool!

2018 PJCC Community Art Show

You are invited to celebrate the talent of 83 local artists.

Inspired by the PJCC’s guiding principle of “Welcoming All,” the Peninsula Jewish Community Center is excited to present our fifth Community Art Show.  After a competitive selection process, we are pleased to present 95 pieces, representing 83 Bay Area artists.  The art can be viewed on-site in our Lobby/PJCC Art Gallery, Conference Room A and Board Room.

The PJCC Community Art Show, true to its name is planned and run by the community.  As PJCC Cultural Arts Director and Gallery Curator, it was my privilege to work with this dedicated committee tasked with confirming the rules and guidelines, promoting the call for entries, overseeing show selection and art placement and planning a reception in honor of our artists.  I can say with sincerity, the show you see today would not have been possible without the hard work of committee members: Connie Chen*, Emily DeMartini, Rachel Goldman**, Rachel Kardos, Eve Lerman, Ken Schwartz, Sharon Strochak, and Jane Williams.

The PJCC Community Art Show was made possible by the many talented artists who have shared their work and the Eva Chernov Lokey Endowment for Programs.

Special thanks to PJCC Philanthropic Partner Atria at Foster Square.

The PJCC Art Gallery is free and open to the public.


With Artwork By:

William Aiken

Amber Allen

Glenn Arango

Jay Bergman

Kathryn Borden

Diana Brady

Geoffrey Brooks

Tom Brown

Courtney Carreras

Tom Chapman

Hsiu Tuan Chen

Willow Chen

Marlene Cohen

Don Creswell

Frank De Martini

Perla Del Rio

Michael diMuro

Marshall Dinowitz

William Dunn

Danielle Fafchamps

Bruce Finocchio

Gene Firpo

Roger Fisher

Josi Flynn

Shirley Foster

Frances Freyberg

Charles Ginsburgh

Nancy Gittleman

Wendy Golden

Fred Goldman

Herbert Goodman

Thomas Goodson

Anne Grauzlis

Alan Helfen

Susan Helmer

River Huston

Luis Hurtado-Sanchez

Sanneke Jang

Suping Ji

Alvin Joe

Anna Kim

Joanna Koziara

Nadine Levin

Leonor Luna

Barbara Masek

Vicki McGrath

Sonny Mencher

James Miglian

Neil Murphy

Michael Nemecek

Rose Nieponice

Swee Oh

Christine Oliver

Karen Olsen

Igor Pilawski

Dennis Prosen

Denise Railsback

Evan Reader

Kerstin Rounds

Rita Sklar

Healther Solway

Smitha Soman

Marlene Subhashini

Janella Thodos

Peche Turner

Maria Urquilla

Javier Urzua

Elena Vaisberg-Targulian

Lorraine Vallero

Winnie van der Rijn

Jennifer Vancini

Amanda Vandecoevering

Larissa Vaserman

Myrna Wacknov

Ruth Waters

Ellen Weinstein

Linda Wong

Sherry Woodward

Zheyi Yang

Liza Zassenhaus

Inna Zatulovsky

Robert Zucker