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Functional Fitness Park at the PJCC

Train Like a Warrior!

Push, pull, scale, swing, and climb yourself into warrior shape using weighted tires, sledgehammers, cargo nets, heavy bags, monkey bars, battle ropes, Olympic rings, climbing rope, power sled, TRX®, and much more.

Get to Know the Rig

Our rig is loaded with great features to keep workouts fresh and athletes challenged! It showcases:

  • Two double wall ball targets for medicine balls
  • Two heavy bags
  • Monkey bars
  • Salmon ladder: Push your explosive power, upper body-strength, hand-eye coordination, and endurance to the limit. Ascend to the top of a pair of vertical posts by hopping a free-moving bar up one rung at a time.
  • Pull-up ladder
  • Olympic rings: Meet (and beat) your strength-training goals! Complete anything from basic ring push-ups, dips, and pull-ups, to planches, levers and iron crosses.
  • Climbing Rope
  • Three cargo climbing nets (9 and 18 feet high)
  • Four battle ropes
  • TRX Suspension straps

Additional Features of the Outdoor Functional Fitness Park:

The TANK from Torque Fitness: This bi-directional power sled on wheels uses a revolutionary resistance drive system to enhance functional training for quickness, endurance, and explosive launching power. The lower zone is for speed power through stride length and endurance.

Tires (85lbs. & 135lbs.): Exercises that can be performed include deadlifts, farmers walk, sled push/pull, tire flips, step-ups, box jumps, and so much more!

Weighted Sledge Hammers: Develop your grip strength, back, shoulders, chest, and forearms.

Slosh Tubes (Varied weights): The weight distribution of the object in use is never static. With water-filled devices, the back-and-forth fluctuations in mass during a workout are believed to better simulate real-world challenges on the muscles and joints, thereby honing an athlete’s core stability and helping his or her range of motion and efficiency of movement.

* Note, you must be 13 years or older to use the Functional Fitness Park. Center Membership or Guest Pass required.