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Sikhism & Judaism: Separated at Birth?

Featuring Amrik Singh Pannu and Ken Blady

Wednesday, March 6 • 7:30 – 9:00 pm • Peninsula Jewish Community Center • Member $8/Public $10

Though Sikhism and Judaism were born in different eras and on different continents, they have much in common. Both Sikhs and Jews are monotheists, preach tolerance for every person, have been persecuted for their beliefs, and have created vibrant communities. Learn about these spiritual traditions and their histories in this fascinating presentation.

Amrik Singh Pannu and Ken Blady

About the Presenters

Amrik Singh Pannu is Administrator of the Religious School of the El Sobrante Gurdwara and a teacher of Punjabi and Sikh doctrine.

Ken Blady is a Jewish educator, and the author of Jewish Communities inExotic Places, among other works. Ken has been featured on radio and television talk shows as well as on the History Channel’s documentary “Operation Magic Carpet.”

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