Shalem Podcasts

Listen to a short podcast to help you focus on one “middah” (character trait). Join Rabbi Lavey Derby and Julie Emden for 10-minute meditation and yoga practices to support you in your journey.

Special Episode

Meditation on Finding Calm and Wisdom in the Midst of Difficulties by Rabbi Lavey Derby

All Shalem Podcast Episodes

To find a specific episode, click on the word “Episodes” at the top of the screen below. A list of currently available episodes will appear. Select the one you’d like to hear, click “Play,” and you’re ready to go!

  • Compassion Rachamim רחמים
  • Humility Anava ענוה
  • Gratitude Hakarat Ha Tov הכרת הטוב
  • Equanimity Menuchat Ha Nefesh מנוחת הנפש
  • Loving-kindness Hesed חסד
  • Patience Savlanut סבלנות
  • Forgiveness Slicha סליחה
  • Happiness Simcha שמחה

Coming Up:

  • Enthusiasm Zrizut זריזות
  • Truth Emet אמת
  • Trust Bitachon בטחון
  • Generosity Nedivut נדיבות

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We’d like to learn what we are doing well in these podcasts—and what we might do better. We’d be grateful if you would listen to one of our podcasts, if you haven’t already, and complete the short, confidential evaluation form.

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About Shalem

Shalem was created as a collaboration between the PJCC and Embodied Jewish Learning. The Addison-Penzak JCC and the Oshman Family JCC are now partners in this initiative and are joining together to promote wellness and well-being infused with Jewish wisdom to help support the entire community in times when these tools are greatly needed.

Embodied Jewish Learning is supported by the Joan and Robert Sinton Philanthropic Fund and the Opaline Fund of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment, Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah, Barbara and Christopher Wilson, Richard and Patricia Gibbs, and other individuals. Embodied Jewish Learning is a graduate of the UpStart Accelerator and fiscally sponsored by UpStart.

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