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Are you a “solo-ager”—someone age 50+ who has neither a spouse nor children, or whose family is geographically remote? Learn how to create a plan that leads to years full of satisfaction.

Upcoming Solo-Ager Programs

Because you can never have too much information, spend a Sunday afternoon with other “solo agers” improving your later years by planning ahead. Workshops bring in professionals—experts in their respective fields—who will share information and strategies for steps to take now in order to make sure your decisions and desires are met for later life. Previous workshops have covered topics ranging from communicating with health care providers to technology tools to financial planning.

Register today for our upcoming programs! Questions? Call 650.378.2698.

Solo-Agers: Celebrating the Year & Planning Ahead

Sunday, December 8 • 1:00 – 3:00 pm • Free for Members/$10 Public
We’re wrapping up another enlightening and productive year in the Solo-Ager series with an engaging “hands-on” event! We’re creating an “Atlas of Caregiving” that will help define the big “Who” of being a solo-ager: WHO is going to be there if you need help or support? Think about the people in your life, and come prepared to have some fun in this thought-provoking activity. Registration requested.

Solo-Agers: Talking With Your Advocate/Proxy

Sunday, January 12 • 1:00 – 3:00 pm • Free for Members/$10 Public
One of the most important challenges a solo-ager faces is deciding who to ask to be your health care advocate/agent/proxy and knowing how to communicate your wishes. Nancy Belza and Paul Puccinelli from Dyalogues will lead our January session. They will introduce various tools, including “Go Wish” cards, which help make your wishes clear and get them met. As part of the program, we will work in small groups to help each other practice what we might tell our advocates. Registration requested.

Solo-Agers: Using an End-of-Life Doula

Sunday, February 16 • 1:00 – 3:00 pm • Free for Members/$10 Public
One of the necessary plans a solo-ager must make concerns what we want at the end of our life so that our advocates don’t have to make this decision for us. Assistance in making and documenting our plans and carrying out our wishes can be offered by a new special type of service provider called an “End of Life Doula.” To explain what these specialists can do for you, Elizabeth Wong, who offers doula services, will be the focus of this month’s meeting. Registration requested.