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Get a life! (wink) Come work for Camp Keff this summer.
Get a life! (wink) Come work for Camp Keff this summer.


Discover some of the many satisfying and meaningful possibilities for living life as a “solo-ager.” Learn how to create a plan that leads to years full of satisfaction.

Upcoming Solo-Ager Programs

Are you a “solo-ager?” That’s the contemporary name for people over 60 who do not have either a spouse or children, or whose families are geographically remote. Join us for programs that help you live life to its fullest!

Putting the Solo-Ager Pieces Together

Sunday, May 6 • 1:00 – 3:00 pm • PJCC Board Room

In this interactive workshop, participants will work with experts in the field as well as others in the class to identify any missing pieces of information as they plan for aging solo. They will then complete plans for filling in the gaps prior to taking a summer break from the series. With the plan, individuals should have sufficient time over the next two months to take action.

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