Virtual Passover @ the PJCC

We believe in the power of connection—and this year is no different! Below we’ve shared some ways we can stay creatively connected to one another this Passover.

We’re pleased to share a variety of resources for your Passover observances & celebrations. Join us for virtual events, connect with us for special messages on social media, and enjoy our collection of meaningful online stories, videos, and activities. Chag Pesach Sameach (have a happy Passover)!

Daily Messages from Rabbi Lavey Derby

Starting Wednesday, April 8: Connect with us on Facebook to read and share daily inspirational messages based on the teachings of Passover, presented by Rabbi Lavey Derby.

An Invitation to Consider the Relevance of Passover Today

The story of freedom which Passover celebrates hinges on the impact of the ten plagues, which disrupt Egyptian society, break their spirit and force the government to act. These plagues are an attack on nature and are described as God’s intervention. In our time, our world also is experiencing attacks on nature, plagues which are not the act of divinity but caused by an abuse of human power.

Like the plagues of the Passover story, our world is beset by increasingly worsening natural disasters caused by human decisions and human behaviors. And, like the plagues of the Passover story, they are a wake-up call to take responsibility for what we have done to ourselves and what we are doing to the Earth. If we can face the truth of the huge impact human actions are having, we have the possibility of making the necessary decisions that can save our planet and humanity.

We invite you, during the eight days of Passover, to contemplate the plagues of our time, and to understand both their destructive power and the possibility they present us to envision our natural world renewed by committing ourselves to new ways of acting. Watch the video below, then take a moment to consider what we have collectively done to the Earth. What plagues has humankind brought on ourselves?

Get Involved

• Choose three of the modern-day plagues shared in the video, and start a conversation about those topics with family and friends.
• Discuss with your family and friends what specific actions you can take in response to these plagues. Examples might be reducing the number of plastic bottles and containers you use; not purchasing groceries that come in nonrecyclable containers; turning of the lights every time you leave a room; eating less beef.
• Choose one plague that is most important to you and support an organization that is making a difference.

Educational Resources

Click to expand each item to explore our recommended resources for your observance of Passover.

For Your Virtual Seder

2 for Seder’s Resources for Virtual Seders
Tips, discussion cards, suggested music, and more for your own Virtual Seder, provided by our friends at 2 for Seder.

About the Holiday

PJCC Passover Holiday Page
Want to learn more about the story of Passover and how it is celebrated? Visit our informative Passover page.

My Jewish Learning: Everything You Want to Know about the Seder and More
A concise introduction to essential elements of Passover: the purpose of the Seder, the Haggadah, the symbolism of the Seder plate, and more.

Family Holiday Fun Pack for Passover

Thanks to our colleagues at Jewish LearningWorks, we are able to provide families with a fun packet of holiday resources and activities that includes a family-friendly telling of the Passover story, recipes, Seder suggestions, and more. Download and enjoy!

Resources for Families

Passover Story Time with Jeni
Join Jeni and her puppet pal Shabbatasaurus as they read The Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah! (Read with permission from PJ Library & Holiday House Publishers)

“The Passover Story in 10 Scenes”—Video from PJ Library
Journey through the Passover story in 10 scenes, beautifully illustrated in the River Ride, a companion piece to the PJ Library Haggadah.

Storytime: A Retelling of the Story of Passover
PJ Library presents the Passover story for children.

Shaboom! Family-friendly Videos from BimBam
A creative video about Passover for children.

PJ Library Family Resources for Passover
Crafts, stories, activities, and more—from PJ Library, for your family.

Get Ready for Your Seder!
An easy how-to for a Seder plate with items you probably have at home.

BimBam: The Four Questions for Kids: Get Ready for Passover
Learn to sing the Four Questions!

Recipes & Meal Ideas

My Jewish Learning: Passover Recipes
Recipes for Passover “classics” and basics, main dishes, soups & sides, and desserts.

DIY Charoset Bar
Yum! Make your own DIY charoset bar perfectly styled with your pantry’s offerings.

Local Catering Options

Can’t cook at home? We’re pleased to suggest the following caterers for your reference.

Ladle & Leaf
Purchase a gallon of Matzo Ball Soup (and other varieties) which serves 8-12 people for $50. Email info@ladleandleaf.com

Neshama Foods
Passover meal boxes, meat ($36) and vegan ($29), includes: Brisket (no brisket if vegan box), potato kugel, veggie, mazto ball soup, and chocolate macaroons. The Seder Plate Box ($40) includes: machine-baked Shmura Matza, horseradish, shank bone, roasted egg, charoset, and parsley. Certified Kosher for Passover.

Nathan Schmidt’s Catering
Complete meal with matzo ball soup, homemade gefilte fish, potato kugel, chicken and veggies. Please email Café.ns@gmail.com.

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen
Wise Sons offers everything from charoset and horseradish to gefilte fish, matzo ball soup and brisket. Passover menu is available April 7-16. Please order two days before you want to pick it up from their 24th Street location in San Francisco. (Please note: Not Kosher.)

Saul’s Deli
Offers house-made matzah, as well as a braised tzimmes brisket and almond coconut cake. Saul’s orders must be picked up between April 7 and 16. Food must be ordered 24 hours in advance of pickup. (Please note: Not Kosher.)

Blossom Catering Company
All-inclusive seder meal with gefilte fish, matzah ball soup, brisket and confit potatoes. $80 per guest (plus tax) and orders will be taken at increments of 2 guests at a time. Can be delivered anywhere in the Bay Area on April 7; orders must be in by April 5. (Please note: Not Kosher.)

Recommended Books

The Jewish Holidays: A Guide and Commentary by Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

Seasons of Our Joy: A Modern Guide to Jewish Holidays by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

The Jewish Way: Living the Holidays by Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg

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