Weight Loss Boot Camp

Tuesdays, October 13 – December 1

At the PJCC

Set Your Sights on Success

Ready to kick the “Quarantine 15” to the curb? Don’t go it alone! Boost your energy and reduce unwanted body fat with our new, specially designed progressive exercise and nutrition program!


In this eight-week boot camp, PJCC Master Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach Christian Luera will give you the tools you need to develop strength and cardiovascular endurance while toning, shaping, and building your muscle.

Through weekly workout classes, coaching sessions, and nutrition guidance, Christian will help you gain an understanding of what, how, when, and how much to eat for your body, in order to lose body fat, build muscle, and increase metabolism.

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In the past, fad diets had given a few quick results that never lasted and were difficult to maintain. Life-long healthy habits were the treasure gained over the time together! Along the way, I lost over 60 pounds.

It feels great to be fit, exercise and eat healthy. Chris gave me the tools for a fit lifestyle that is not only doable but enjoyable, giving real results that can last a lifetime and be a joy!

—Bahrig M., PJCC Member & Client of Christian Luera

Get Ready for Success!

This Boot Camp package includes:

Pre- and post- boot camp fitness evaluations: Using our InBody 570 body composition analysis machine, we’ll take accurate measurements of your fat, muscle, and total body water levels, which will inform an individually designed action plan for achieving your weight loss goals.

⇒ Weekly in-person 60-minute classes: Come to the PJCC for a weekly workout that focuses on progressive strength and cardio workouts. New to this kind of boot camp? No worries; Christian will demonstrate and teach you proper form and modifications or progressions for each exercise, ensuring that you maximize your efforts. Classes held every Tuesday, 5:30 – 6:30 pm at the Center.

⇒ Weekly 15-minute check-ins: Each week you’ll chat with Christian, and he’ll offer additional focal points, tailored to your individual weight loss and wellness goals.

Weekly nutrition tips: You’ll receive proven, practical chunks of information that will help you to focus on the actions and attitudes that form lasting habits.

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Since I've worked with Chris, I have gained muscle mass and decreased weight. I am happy with my results and the best part is, I now love working out!
—Cindy W., PJCC Member & Client of Christian Luera

Questions and Answers with Christian Luera

Q. How much weight will I lose during this program?

A. Because of how everyone’s body responds to exercise and how they digest, absorb, and metabolize food is different, different results can be expected for everyone. Not to mention: the level of consistency and adherence to the program will contribute to the amount of success that each person experiences.

But one thing is for certain: you will learn lifelong habits and tools that will help keep off the unwanted fat that you do lose, and help keep the muscle that you want.

Q. Will I get a plan that's customized just for me?

A. The workout program is standardized to accommodate the majority of participants, with modifications provided for those who need extra care. While the exercise selection is generally the same for everyone, the modifications are designed so that everyone can be successful.

For anyone who needs more modification, each person will have the opportunity each week to talk with me individually to address any questions regarding exercise or eating habits.

Q. Where will the classes be held?

A. The class is once a week on Tuesdays from 5:30 pm outside on the Functional Fitness Field for one hour. Masks will be required at all times by participants and the instructor. In the event of bad weather, we will arrange an indoor space to conduct the class.

Q. Are meal plans included?

A. Meal plans are not included. The nutritional aspect of this program will allow you to eat the things you already eat, adjusting portions and when you eat them throughout the program.

Q. I haven't worked out in a while. Will the workouts be too hard for me?

A- The program starts off with basic exercises and explanations of how to do them correctly. The program progresses every two weeks, making them a bit more challenging. Because there are plenty of modifications, regressions and progressions, most people should be able to find a level that is just right for them.

Keep in mind, the exercises should take you out of your comfort zone, allowing your body to adjust to the new level of intensity and become more fit. I will help you be successful if you need help.

The important thing to remember is the journey on the road you take will lead you where you want to go. You just have to start from wherever you are, and get in the car.

Q. What if I miss a class? Are there makeup sessions?

A. Unfortunately, no. In order to be successful, it will take commitment and consistency. The program is systematically designed so that you move one step at a time to achieve your goals. No one is ever successful by skipping steps. In order to progress, you must first master where you are. For these reasons, it is important you don’t miss any of the information or workouts provided.

Q. What if I am unable to do the exercises due to physical or medical challenges, but I still want to be healthier and lose body fat?

A. That is ok. The nutritional portion will be very educational and will help you to balance your eating patterns based on your activity level and your body’s needs. Having an eating plan that works for you and your body relies on outcome-based results.

If something isn’t working, systematically try something else. Often times, people are just missing what it takes to achieve their goals because the eating pattern they have isn’t quite right for them. There is no single way of eating that works for everyone. During this program, you will be able to assess your needs based on the results you get.

Q. Do I have to stop the other exercise routine that I am doing?

A. Absolutely not. Keep doing the other exercises you enjoy, because that’s good for your mind and your body. Adding in additional exercise during this program will increase your activity level causing more calorie burn throughout your day and increasing your metabolism which allows your body to burn fat more efficiently.

Believe it or not, your body burns more calories as you go about your day than it does during a single exercise session. This is why it is important to exercise and build muscle, because these activities increase your metabolism. Just remember, there is such a thing as too much exercise, so listen to your body. There are certain signs that indicate you are over-exercising. If you just don’t feel right and this feeling lasts longer than a few days, slow down or talk to your doctor.

Q. How much will this cost?

A. The program costs $485 for your eight-week session. As an incentive, the first five people to register will save 25%!

Note that this program is available only to active PJCC Center Members.




About Your Trainer

With over 20 years’ experience, Master Trainer Christian Luera knows how to help you succeed in reaching your fitness and wellness goals.

⇒ B.S. Kinesiology, Exercise and Fitness Specialist
⇒ National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer
⇒ American Council on Fitness Certified Group Fitness Instructor
⇒ Precision Nutrition Certification

Chris Luera has been my trainer and coach since March 2018. My goal was to improve my overall health and fitness, as well as stabilize an old back injury. With no gym or training experience beyond a treadmill or elliptical machine, it was a bit intimidating at first. However, Chris's knowledge, experience, and honesty were very reassuring.

After just a few weeks I was feeling more energetic and my back wasn't hurting as much. Not long after that, the physical changes were noticeable, too. When someone would ask what I was doing, my answer was the same as it is today: "proper nutrition, workouts, and contact Chris at the J."

—Jessica T., PJCC Member & Client of Christian Luera


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