Wellness - May 12, 2022

Top Three Tips: Kickstarting and Supercharging Your Water Workouts


As summer approaches, I know that more and more of you have pool time on your mind! And with good reason: our PJCC pools provide a beautiful setting for enjoying all that summer offers.

But that’s not the only reason to head to the pool! As any aquatics aficionado will tell you: water workouts provide a wonderful, low-impact way to get a full-body workout that builds your endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness. 

In this article, I’ve shared my top ideas for getting yourself going on a new water workout routine. I’ve also provided my favorite recommendations for more experienced swimmers looking to enhance their progress in the pool.

Let’s dive in!

Three Ways to “Kick Off” a New Water Workout Routine

New to incorporating water workouts into your regular routine? These tips will help you begin a refreshing new practice!

  1. Cool down. Did you know: swimming helps to cool your body temperature! After a hot and sweaty workout, taking a dip can be just the thing to help regulate your body temperature. Simply treading water or taking a casual swim does the trick!
  2. Set a goal, come with a plan! Set a realistic goal for yourself, come with a plan, and commit to it. Challenge yourself to swim just two to four laps, and increase each week to build your swimming strength.
  3. Not super comfortable swimming yet? Grab a kickboard and kick some laps. Or: swim one lap, then water-walk one lap.

Three Ways to Keep On Improving!

Working to overcome a plateau? Ready to give yourself an added challenge?These recommendations will get you going in the right direction!

  1. Hit the gym! Weight lifting is a great way to increase muscular strength, which can help with your strength, endurance, and force in the water while swimming. (Want some tips? Check out some suggested dryland workouts for swimmers below.)
  2. Use pool equipment. Utilizing pull buoys and kickboards can help to break up regular lap swimming and keep it exciting.
  3. Swim intervals. Use the pace clock to keep track of your progress while swimming.  Pace clocks are great for setting new goals, having structure during your swim, and challenging yourself.

Dryland Workouts for Swimmers

You can work towards peak performance even when you’re outside the pool! Strength-training exercises complement all the hard work you put in when you’re swimming those laps. If you’re looking to improve your strength and agility in the pool… why not fit some of these simple activities into your workout regimen?

1. Exercises such as the plank pose, which focus on your core, are foundational to your overall strength and health. Try out these basic plank exercises, or challenge yourself a bit, if you’re up for it! To execute this move properly, keep your back flat, gently tuck in your chin, and lightly “squeeze” your shoulder blades throughout the exercise. 

2.Squats help build your leg muscles—so important for increasing the strength and speed of your kicks! But be careful to use good form: make sure your knees are not bent past your toes. 

3. Of course, you want to give your arms, back, shoulders, and chest some attention! Bicep curls, the ever-popular pushup (in its many variations), and chest presses are excellent activities to incorporate into your routine. 

Important Notes:

The water-based exercises listed above assume basic swim skills.

As always, we recommend consulting a doctor prior to starting any workout routine.

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