Wellness - Jan 13, 2022

Working with a Personal Trainer Works for You

Working with a Personal Trainer Works for You -- PJCC

You’re ready. You want to build strength, lose weight, recover from an injury, or fine-tune your athletic performance.  

You need to hire a skilled, knowledgeable, and motivating fitness professional. Perfect — our wise, warm, and highly talented Personal Trainers are here to help! 

“What should I consider before I begin?”, you ask. We’ll be happy to walk you through it. 

Here are a few questions to help guide you! By thinking through these questions, you’ll clarify and strengthen your own mindset—and also be able to provide your PJCC Personal Trainer with the information that will help them be YOUR best partner in wellness! 

Questions to Consider Before Working with a Personal Trainer 

Give yourself an hour or so to answer these questions. You may want to write down your answers—both as a reference for yourself, as well as a reminder when you speak with your trainer for the first time. 

Be as honest and clear as you can — that will only help you achieve your goals with greater confidence and success! 

  1. What are your specific fitness goals?   
  • How do you want to feel with fitness that is different from how you feel now? 
  • What physical changes would you like to experience? 
  • How would you like increased fitness to positively impact your life experiences, your time with family and friends, and/or your work? 

2. In what time frame are you hoping to achieve them?   

3. On a related note: how much time can you realistically commit to achieving this goal? How will you make time to make that happen each week?  

4. What types of physical activity do you enjoy? What are some new exercises or workouts you’d like to try?  

5. What do you hope to gain from working with a personal trainer: Education? Motivation? Support? Role modeling? Camaraderie? Accountability? Sense of Achievement? Fun? All of the above—or something else?   

Testimonials: Four People Who Were Changed By Personal Training! 

Over the years, hundreds of PJCC Center Members have reached their fitness and wellness goals with the help of our highly talented Personal Trainers. And as you’ll see, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution… people come to us for many reasons, and our trainers are right alongside them, creating custom programs that help them accomplish their goals!  

I AM Strong 

I work with Patrick twice a week. In a short time, I have realized that my body is strong and capable. I have completely changed how I think about myself. And I notice that as a result of my increased fitness, I feel more confident and capable in the rest of my life. 

— Karen D. 

Strength Training Success 

I went to my evaluation at the end of my current Pink Power training session with a bit of hesitancy. I knew nothing escapes the magic scales that Vicki uses and I knew I had gained weight since my last evaluation.  Imagine my surprise that although, yes, there was a weight gain, it was primarily in muscle! My trainer’s strength training program is working! 

— Diane K.  

Encouraging Endurance, Fostering Flexibility 

My trainer Cynthia Newman is friendly and encouraging and at the same time she challenges me. She encourages me to improve my health and strength in a safe, yet demanding way. As a 69-year-old man, I enjoy working with her partly because she is also in her 60’s and understand the challenges of age. 

During the years at the PJCC indoor gym, she designed several routines for me to work out with on my own which were easy to follow and yet challenging me to improve my strength, endurance and flexibility. 

Over the years, numerous other members have asked me about trainers and I have always recommended Cynthia as a strong trainer. “She’s really good” I have repeated many times. 

In addition, the atmosphere at PJCC is welcoming and friendly. I find the staff very helpful and knowledgeable. I recommend membership at PJCC to all people interested in improving their conditioning. 

— Philip L.  

Best Fitness of My Life 

I have worked out with my PJCC trainer for about three years. I have never felt so fit and strong as I do now. I had knee surgery in my early 30s and thought I would always have limited range of motion and not be able to exercise and be active like other people. I healed myself and now I can keep up with my husband when we ski, hike, and go snow shoeing. 

— Ellie B. 

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