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We're Celebrating 70 Years! Share Your PJCC Story.
We're Celebrating 70 Years! Share Your PJCC Story.

Focused Individual Training Sessions

Start your fitness journey on solid footing with Focused Individual Training (FIT) sessions at the PJCC.

Get the facts on FIT at the PJCC…

FIT 1: Focused InBody 570 Analysis
Your complimentary session includes a thorough evaluation using the InBody 570, a simple, pain-free technique that reads your body composition. Taking just 45 seconds, this cutting-edge tool provides a complete analysis of your segmental lean body and fat mass by sending safe, low-currents through the body via hand-held electrodes. Over time, continued use of this tool can monitor changes in muscle mass, fat mass, body fat percentage, and provide a snapshot of your body composition. In turn, this helps track your progress, determine the effectiveness of your exercise plan, and identify needed adjustments and changes to your workouts to better reach your fitness goals.

FIT 2: Individual Training Session
Your second complimentary session includes recommendations based upon your FIT 1 evaluation. During this session, a certified personal trainer will show you how to effectively use cardio equipment, followed up with suggestions mapped to the results of your InBody analysis.

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