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Get a life! (wink) Come work for Camp Keff this summer.
Get a life! (wink) Come work for Camp Keff this summer.

Careers at the PJCC

At the PJCC, we help people live vibrantly. We value wellness, connection, and joy.

Join us if you are ready to…

Build Community

You believe success is best savored with your community of colleagues. You’re a shining candle who shares light with everyone in the room. You’re all in with your role—and with your team. Everything you do, you do with a focus on the impact you’ll have on the world around you.

Celebrate Wholeness and Wellness

You love having a positive impact on others’ personal growth. You want individuals and families—people of all ages—to experience an overall feeling of well being. You’re invested in others’ joy, health, and confidence… as well as your own.

Featured Positions:

Camp Keff Counselor Positions

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Be a Catalyst for Transformation

You’re a change maker. A goal setter. You see possibilities wherever you look. And wherever you go, you create an environment that brings out others’ best selves.

Can you picture yourself as part of us? Make your opportunity to join our dynamic community of vibrant, passionate team members. Search our job listings for the role you were meant to play.