Wellness - Jul 11, 2023

The Mitzvah of Movement: 10 Tips for Fitness at the PJCC

Vicki McGrath
PJCC Functional Fitness Outdoor Boxing

Grab your water bottles and lace up those trainers, folks! You’re stepping into the energetic, engaging world of a community fitness center. Navigating this bustling jungle of treadmills, dumbbells, and yoga mats might feel a tad overwhelming, especially if you’re a gym rookie still trying to tell your ellipticals from your rowing machines. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with our ten fun and friendly gym etiquette tips – all inspired by the values we hold dear in our Jewish community.

1. A Keenness for Kindness (Chesed – חֶסֶד, pronounced: HEH-sed): If someone asks, “Can I work in?” they’re simply requesting to share the equipment during your rest periods. This act of sharing aligns with our Jewish value of Chesed, expressing kindness towards others. Remember, the gym is not only a place for personal growth but also communal connection!

2. Consideration and Cardio (Kavod – כָּבוֹד, pronounced: kah-VOHD): Notice people lining up for the treadmill? Embrace the value of Kavod, respect, by limiting your session to 30 minutes. This allows everyone a fair chance to enjoy a heart-pumping workout, fostering an atmosphere of consideration and mutual respect.

3. Weights, Wisdom and Whispers (Chochmah – חָכְמָה, pronounced: hokh-MAH): Before dropping your weights, give them a gentle shake. This reduces noise and maintains a peaceful environment, reflecting our value of Chochmah, wisdom, by promoting a more thoughtful and mindful gym experience.

4. The Privacy Principle (Tzniut – צְנִיעוּת, pronounced: tznee-OOT): Documenting your progress with photos or videos? Great! But remember to respect others’ privacy (Tzniut). Keep your fellow gym-goers out of the frame unless they’ve given their express consent. Everyone’s fitness journey is unique and should remain as private as they wish.

5. Sweat, Wipe, Serve (Avodah – עֲבוֹדָה, pronounced: ah-voh-DAH): The Jewish value of Avodah reminds us to serve our community. Wiping down your equipment after use helps keep our gym clean and pleasant for the next user. It’s a simple act of service that fosters a warm and welcoming environment.

6. Tune in to Patience (Savlanut – סַבלָנוּת, pronounced: sahv-lah-NOOT): Enjoying your workout playlist? Fantastic! But remember, not everyone shares the same taste in music. Keeping the volume on your headphones at a personal level promotes Savlanut, patience, allowing everyone to move to their own rhythm.

7. Equal Equipment for All (Tzedek – צֶדֶק, pronounced: TSEH-dek): Our Jewish value of Tzedek, justice, reminds us that the gym equipment belongs to everyone. Make sure not to monopolize machines, especially during peak hours, to ensure a fair and balanced gym experience for all.

8. Lockers and Order (Seder – סֵדֶר, pronounced: SAY-der): In keeping with the value of Seder, order, use lockers to store your gear. This simple step prevents clutter, ensuring a safe and orderly workout environment for everyone.

9. Swift Showers, Sustainability (Shomrei Adamah – שומרי אדמה, pronounced: sho-MREH ah-dah-MAH): Embracing the value of Shomrei Adamah, or “guardians of the Earth,” means taking quick, efficient showers. This practice not only helps everyone freshen up in good time but also conserves water, contributing to the overall sustainability of our planet.

10. Respect the Workout Bubble (Derech Eretz – דֶּרֶךְ־אֶרֶץ, pronounced: DEH-rekh EH-rets): Derech Eretz, or “the way of the land,” urges us to respect each other’s personal space. This value is especially important at the gym, where everyone deserves their own workout bubble, whether mid-lift or in a yoga pose.

With these ten tips, grounded in our Jewish values, we can foster a gym culture that’s about more than just fitness. It’s about creating an inclusive, respectful, and fun environment that aligns with our principles. So, who’s ready for a group high-five? Let’s hit the gym, our community space for health, happiness, and wellbeing!

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