Wellness - Jan 13, 2022

Top Five Reasons to Work with a Personal Trainer

Top Five Reasons to Work with a PJCC Personal Trainer - PJCC - Vicki McGrath and Michele Mandell

Vicki McGrath, PJCC Wellness Director

Michele Mandell, PJCC Group Exercise Manager

At the PJCC, we’re firm believers in achieving Wellness Your Way. (So much so, that it’s our mantra!) And after the last two years, we’re all looking for a little more “Wellness” in our lives, aren’t we?  

Both of us are ALWAYS focused on achieving greater wellness! And we’re asked all the time how to achieve it. We’re ready to spill our secrets… 

Like many PJCC Center Members, you may have a plan in place that keeps you moving and happy — a very positive thing! But: if you want to turn your efforts up a notch, see greater results — and be safe while working out — you need a professional to guide you. (PS: Even the pros need pros! Just like top athletes in your favorite sport, personal trainers and other fitness professionals continue to work with trainers and coaches who help us continue to learn, grow, and give it our all!)  

Of course, working with a personal trainer is an investment. An investment in your health always provides a terrific return!  

As professionals in their field, personal trainers know how to analyze your body and then determine the best plan of action to help you gain the results you desire.  Here are our top five reasons why working with a PJCC Certified Personal Trainer this year will finally help you transform!  

1. Develop a Program Personalized to Your Needs. Really. To YOUR needs. Not the Latest Social Media Trend. 

Each of our bodies is unique.  You need and deserve a program that addresses your body’s strengths, needs, challenges, and its opportunities to maximize your workouts.   Our Certified Personal Trainers have the wisdom and experience to know precisely what your body needs and how to coach you to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.  

2. Use Data to Ensure You Maximize Your Workouts for Optimum Performance and Results.

When you begin working with your PJCC Personal Trainer, they’ll get things started with a Focused Individualized Training (FIT) session that includes an analysis on our InBody body composition system that accurately analyzes your bone, muscle, and fat composition — and then develop a specific plan that helps you target the specific areas that need strengthening. This is key to understanding your body’s strengths and needs. This is a game changer in that it creates a baseline for your workouts and the measurement of your success. 

3. Develop Consistency…  

By keeping regular appointments with your trainer, and then adding additional training days through the week, you establish a consistent fitness regime, and exercise, movement, and stretching become part of your life. When our workouts are part of our wellness – like brushing our teeth and bathing – we make good health habitual.  

We all know that a body at rest, stays at rest. And a body in motion, stays in motion.  Our trainers keep your one, unique body in motion in the best ways that ensure that your metabolism burns long after you’ve hit the shower! 

4. …And Avoid the Monotony of the Same Workout, Week After Week. Because It’s Boring AND Ineffective! 

Ever wonder why your consistent workout stopped working? Our muscles get used to the same exercises, so over time they become less effective. A personal trainer knows how to design a creative workout that helps you conquer boredom and challenge your body with muscle confusion and disruption. By mixing up workouts and exercises, the body will respond to the challenge. So please, we beg you, make 2022 the year that you get off the treadmill and really start to work your body’s large and small muscle groups. You will love the results you can achieve. 

5. Always the Ultimate Desire — Take Control and Achieve Results!

Wherever you are on your fitness and wellness journey, a Personal Trainer knows how to push you harder than you thought possible, while keeping you safe for maximized progress. Working out with a wise trainer keeps you healthy and safe. They know how much is enough and what’s too much. They also know that some of us need to be challenged, some of us directed, and some supported to treat ourselves with kindness and respect.  

When you work with a trainer you take control of your fitness, maximize your body’s potential, and most efficiently achieve your goals. What’s not to love?!  

An Added Bonus of Working with a Personal Trainer…  

Here’s one more great thing about working out with one of the PJCC’s Personal Trainers. In addition to your regularly scheduled workouts, they will  help you develop a structured plan for those days you aren’t working out with them. You’ll have their guidance even on the days when they aren’t personally working you out.  

Interested? Drop Vicki a line at vmcgrath@pjcc.org. We’ll talk — and then we’ll identify the trainer who’s best suited to your schedule and your fitness goals! 

Make the investment and commit to your wellness. You will be blown away by the return on your investment. 

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