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Melton Peninsula is Launching!

Join Your Community for an Exciting Jewish Learning Opportunity.

Since its founding in the 1980’s, the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning has engaged adult learners in a life-enhancing study of Jewish texts and ideas that nurtures and deepens Jewish community worldwide. With open dialogue and multiple perspectives (both in the texts and in the room), you’ll join a conversation where Jewish texts and ideas become accessible and relevant. Become part of a worldwide movement of committed learners who are empowered to enrich Jewish life—every voice is significant!

PJCC is excited to bring Melton to the North Peninsula in partnership with our local synagogues and day school. Stay tuned to find out which local clergy and educators will teach next!

Melton School Values

Accessibility | Lo B’Shamayim Hee
Torah wisdom should be accessible to all. We welcome people of all backgrounds into meaningful Jewish learning.

Open-mindedness | Lilmod U’Lelamed
We can learn from one another and from ideas different than our own. We encourage a stance of curiosity and willingness to have our thinking challenged.

Integrity | Emet
We are committed to intellectual honesty. Through exposure to the breadth of Jewish perspectives, our learners are empowered to make informed decisions about their own Jewish beliefs.

Community | Havurah
Learning is not just about the individual but about fostering deeper connections between people that leads to stronger communities.

Innovation | Hiddush
We are constantly seeking new ways to fulfill our mission, renewing and refreshing our ideas and practices.

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Upcoming Classes

Members of the Tribe

Taught By Rabbi Laurie Matzkin, PJCC Chief Jewish Experience Officer
Tuesdays, 9:15 – 10:45 am • April 25 – June 6 (No Class May 9)

What is the purpose of living Jewishly? What are the responsibilities, pressures, and misconceptions that come with being called “the Chosen People?” Learn (or re-learn) the meaning behind rituals like keeping kosher, symbols like the mezuzah, and why the Exodus is so important in the Jewish narrative. A deeper understanding of “our Tribe” can inform our individual responses to life’s big questions and our connection with our heritage.

Class Syllabus
Lesson 1: Living a Jewish Life: Finding Purpose Through Reflection 
Lesson 2: Just Remember: Symbols and Reminders in Judaism
Lesson 3: Let My People Grow: The Exodus from Egypt as a Jewish Calling
Lesson 4: Chosen People, Chosen Purpose
Lesson 5: Holy Guacamole: What Does It Mean to Keep Kosher?
Lesson 6: Jerusalem if I forget you… Israel and the Diaspora

Childcare available. Bagels and coffee included.

Between the Lines: From Text to Life

Taught By Rebecca Schwartz, PJCC Jewish Engagement Manager
Mondays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm • April 24 – June 5 (No Class May 29)

Jewish texts have informed Jewish thought and practice for over 3,000 years. But how do we connect today to words written so long ago? In this course, we’ll unpack the history of key Jewish sacred texts: the Torah and Talmud, foundational texts of ethics and mysticism, and beyond. We’ll discuss questions about authorship and examine how these texts influence us today. Dive into a sea of knowledge!

Class Syllabus
Lesson 1: A Learned People: Connecting through Jewish Texts
Lesson 2: Depths of Learning: The Roots of Jewish Texts
Lesson 3: Who Wrote the Torah: Why Does It Matter?
Lesson 4: From Text to Context: The Evolution of Jewish Practice
Lesson 5: Open Your Hand and Your Heart: Tracing Jewish Values from Text to Life
Lesson 6: Mussar and Middot: Ethics, Character Traits, and Being a Good Jew

Light appetizers included.

Special Launch Promotion

In addition to a special launch discount of $40 for all learners, we are also able to add an additional $40 discount for affiliated members of our San Mateo County synagogues, day school, and JCC. Please contact Rebecca at jewishlife@pjcc.org to receive your Promo Codes before registering on the Melton website.

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Hours of Operation

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Center Hours
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  • Fri 5 am - 6 pm (Group Ex by Reservation)
  • Sat & Sun 7 am - 6 pm (Group Ex by Reservation)
Admin Office Hours
  • Mon-Fri 8 am – 4 pm
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