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Monthly Workshops on Getting the Most Out of Your Exercise Equipment

Strength Training for Women 50+Pilates for Posture and Performance

New Series!

Monthly Workshops on Getting the Most Out of Your Exercise Equipment
With Master Trainer Christian Luera

Worth the Weight: Using Free Weights for Maximum Effectiveness
Saturday, May 8 • 9:00-10:20 am
$25 Members/$40 Public

Free weights (AKA dumbbells) provide a convenient (and portable) way to execute a strength-training workout. But did you know: you don’t need heavy weights to gain the benefits? Not only do lighter weights greatly reduce the risk of injury, they can also ensure that you can complete the repetitions without cheating and using incorrect muscles.

In this active and practical workshop, Master Trainer Christian Luera will teach you how to use 3-to-5-pound free weights to carry out a safe, effective workout that tones and builds your muscles. You’ll learn how to use proper form for a series of free-weight and bodyweight exercises that can improve your overall fitness and health.

This workshop is the second in a series of three monthly workshops on getting the most out of your exercise equipment, led by Christian Luera. You can attend this informative 90-minute workshop in person at the PJCC (limited space available); or, you can watch from your own home via Zoom.

Please note: if you are joining us in person at the PJCC, the workshop will be held outside at our Functional Fitness Park. We recommend bringing a sweatshirt to wear after the workout.

What to Bring:

  • A bottle of water
  • Towel
  • Mat
  • Tablet or pad of paper and pen
  • 3-5 pound barbells/free weights (may be purchased on Target.com, Amazon.com, or Dickssportinggoods.com)

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Using Mini Bands for a Maximum Workout
Saturday, May 22 • 9:00-10:20 am
$25 Members/$40 Public

Mini bands (aka fitness loops, booty bands, or resistance loops) are an inexpensive, readily available, and portable piece of equipment that make it easy to get a full-body workout just about anywhere. You can use these small, simple loops of rubber—essentially oversized rubber bands—by themselves, or as a complement to the rest of your daily routine.

In this workshop, led by Master Trainer Christian Luera, not only will you get a great workout, but you will receive the recipe to use mini bands to kick off your warm-up, or get a full-body workout that can help increase your stability, improve your balance, and boost your endurance.
The workshop will begin with a workout, during which Christian will explain the “why” behind the exercises chosen, as well as where the band should be placed on your body to get the most out of each exercise. Before leaving you will be given a copy of the exercises used and some additional exercises to enhance your workouts at the PJCC, home, or even on the road. We’ll have plenty of time for Q&A.

What to Bring:

  • A bottle of water
  • Towel
  • Mat
  • Tablet or pad of paper and pen
  • Two or more Mini Loops of different weights (may be purchased on Amazon or from the SCWFit.com online store) Note: Mini loops come in different weights and colors to work large and small muscles.

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Strength Training for Women 50+ With Kim Knapp

Begins Wednesday, April 21
Wednesdays, 10:30–11:25 am • 4-pack: $100/Member; $120/Public

BUILD: Strength • Muscle Tone • Bone Health

IMPROVE: Metabolism • Balance & Fall Prevention • Glucose Control • Agility and Flexibility • Posture and Back Health

The most important component missing from most women’s exercise or weight-loss program is weight training. As estrogen levels begin to fall, starting in perimenopause, women start to lose muscle and bone mass without strength training. This results in slowing down metabolism, causing weight gain and increasing risks of osteoporosis.

Strength Training for Women 50+ offers personalized attention in a small group setting of just 3–8 women. Personal trainer Kim Knapp is an osteoporosis specialist who will teach you safe and effective exercises that will keep you fit, strong, and independent. You will use weights, resistance bands, and TRX®. Adaptations are made for those with osteoporosis or injuries.

For more information, email Kim Knapp.

Instructor: Kim Knapp’s credentials include: National Council on Strength and Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer; BEST Exercise Program for Osteoporosis Prevention; TRX for Active Older Adults; Aerobic Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Longevity Training for Seniors and Fitness for the Larger-Sized Participant.

Pilates for Posture and Performance with Monique Molino

Pilates for Posture and Performance with Monique Molino

Multiple Times Available: Mondays, 3:00-3:55 pm; Tuesdays, 9:00-9:55 am; Wednesdays at 4:00-4:55 pm; Fridays, 1:00-1:55 pm; Saturdays at 10:00-10:55 am • $100 for Four Sessions • For PJCC Members
Virtual Sessions

Looking to add more power to your Pilates practice? Want a small-group experience that concentrates on strength training, but also gives you stress-relief techniques you can take with you throughout the day?

Whether you’re brand-new to Pilates or you’re already an avid practitioner, you’ll love sweating it out with Monique in this class that pairs classical Mat Pilates with proven bodyweight strength and conditioning techniques.

All levels are welcome in this small-group training practice. As a knowledgeable, caring certified Pilates instructor, Monique knows how to tailor each session to participants’ needs. She will recommend and demonstrate variations based on group members’ individual Pilates skill levels and physical abilities, so you can feel confident that you’ll experience a class that’s ideal for you.

Each session, you’ll work through exercises that help you combat stooped posture and a stiffened body, build a happy back and strong abdominals, and reduce stress in your body and mind. You’ll also learn the Pilates method of breathing, which is instrumental to proper Pilates practice and contributes to a stronger and more relaxed state of being. Classes will incorporate mat work and will also make use of a few easily obtainable “props” (introduced on the first day of each session).

Wondering if virtual classes will work for you? Monique has been garnering rave reviews, like the following: “Just want to tell you how WONDERFUL your online mat Pilates class is! You are such a dedicated, thorough, and detailed instructor, your classes have been an absolute lifesaver while we shelter-in-place.”

Instructor: Monique Molino, B.A., certified Pilates and Pink Ribbon instructor has been teaching Pilates for more than 14 years. She continues to learn more about the body, Pilates and is currently working on her Precision Nutrition Certification.

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More Training Options

Weight Loss Boot Camp

Ready to kick the “Quarantine 15” to the curb? Don’t go it alone! Boost your energy and reduce unwanted body fat with our new, specially designed progressive exercise and nutrition program.

Session Begins October 12!

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Women on Weights

WOW… what a workout! In this small-group program, our Certified Personal Trainers lead you through the basic fundamentals and benefits of strength training, with guidance tailored to the specific fitness needs of women.

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Personal Training

Serious about making some changes? Our Certified Personal Trainers specialize in your success. Together, you’ll craft a strategy for achieving your personal fitness goals—then crush those goals in record time.

Virtual and in-person training available.

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