Swim Lessons

Lifelong holistic health through swimming, safety, and skill development, inspired by Jewish traditions.

Dive into Lifelong Well-Being with PJCC Aquatics

Swimming is more than just fun—it’s a pathway to holistic health. At PJCC, we’ve championed the benefits of swimming, from enhancing confidence and social bonds to boosting mental wellness, for decades. Our program, grounded in safety, technique, and skill development, is delivered by dedicated instructors who ensure every swimmer thrives.

Our commitment goes beyond the pool. The Jewish Talmud tells us that parents must teach their children to swim—providing skills that foster safety, confidence, and independence. In the Talmud’s wisdom, swimming is a vital life skill, akin to teaching morality. Our devotion to this mission is enriched by deep Jewish traditions.

Get Ready to Jump In!

Discover the joys of swimming with our acclaimed Aquatics program for all ages. Whether you’re interested in group sessions or prefer private lessons, we’ve got you covered.

Eager to take the plunge? Reach out and schedule a visit! Let us evaluate your skills and guide you on your swimming journey.

Group Swim Lessons

PJCC’s group swim lessons are designed to foster community as you learn with others. We offer a series of classes for people of every age, allowing swimmers to start at their current level, learn proper techniques, and to develop new skills over time.

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Lessons for Infants & Toddlers

Aqua Baby & Me (6 Months and Up)

Introduce babies to water with the guidance of their parents. In a calm environment, babies will focus on floating independently, short-distance swimming, and introducing pop-up breathing.

Aqua Toddler (2 to 3 Years)

Children work independently from parents, mastering pop-up breathing, “big arms,” back kicking, and an unassisted turnaround swim.

Lessons for Children 3 to 5 Years Old: Turtles

Delve into the basics of streamlining, kicking, freestyle, and backstroke, while mastering proper breathing techniques.

Turtles Level 1

This introductory stage is perfect for little ones who are new to swimming or are apprehensive about water. They’ll embark on their aquatic journey by learning the fundamentals of submersions and back floats. Additionally, they’ll be introduced to the cornerstone of streamlining, helping them grasp the ideal body position for all strokes. Our nurturing approach with positive reinforcement ensures a comforting environment to foster trust and confidence in the water.

Turtles Level 2

For the little swimmers who’ve grown at ease in the water, this level advances them to the rudiments of freestyle and backstroke. It further refines their streamlining, paving the way for prowess in all strokes.

Turtles Level 3

Young swimmers who’ve demonstrated proficiency in short-distance freestyle and backstroke are now introduced to the intricacies of freestyle side breathing (preferred side).

Turtles Level 4

Upon mastering the backstroke and preferred-side freestyle breathing, our sprouts are now poised to learn non-preferred side freestyle breathing. This level also unveils the butterfly and breaststroke kicks.

Lessons for Children 6 to 12 Years Old: Marlins

Embark on an aquatic adventure! Dive deep into swimming fundamentals, breathe right, and master strokes such as freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke.

Marlins Level 1

Tailored for novice swimmers or those with water anxieties, this level lays the foundation. From submersions to back floats, they’ll learn the essentials. The fundamental streamline posture, pivotal for all strokes, is also introduced. Our encouraging feedback ensures they build trust and grow confident in the aquatic realm.

Marlins Level 2

Once kids have found their sea legs, it’s time to delve deeper into the basics of freestyle and backstroke. This level accentuates their streamlining skills, essential for all strokes.

Marlins Level 3

Swimmers proficient in short-distance freestyle and backstroke get to refine their technique, especially focusing on preferred side breathing in freestyle.

Marlins Level 4

After mastering preferred-side breathing, the focus shifts to non-preferred-side freestyle breathing. Additionally, they’re introduced to the butterfly and breaststroke kicks.

Marlins Level 5

For those adept at preferred-side breathing and mastering non-preferred side freestyle progression, this level is ideal. Swimmers are now prepped to learn backstroke progression and perfect the butterfly and breaststroke swim. This level also unveils the flip turn from a swimming stance.

Marlins Level 6

Designed as a prelude to swim team participation, this level ensures swimmers are competition-ready. Swimmers will learn:
• 100-yard freestyle (no fins) with flip turns
• 100-yard backstroke (no fins) with flip turns
• 50-yard butterfly and breaststroke (no fins), mastering correct breathing
• A curated list of 8 drills
• Effective use of a pace clock
• Sit-down dives for each stroke
• Mastering turns for all strokes

Teen & Adult Lessons (Age 13 and Older)

Teen & Adult Beginner/Intermediate

For beginners and intermediate swimmers who wish to improve their swimming skills.

Swimmers will:
• Cultivate a deep sense of ease both on the surface and beneath the water.
• Perfect the art of the prone float, gracefully swim for a brief stretch, and confidently regain an upright stance without assistance.
• Achieve a calm and composed back float posture.
• Skillfully transition from a prone float to a back float and revert to the original prone position.

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Need extra coaching? Contact us via the form below to learn more about our private and semi-private lessons.

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Please Note:
We are unable to accommodate make-up sessions for missed classes. Additionally, while we value individual preferences, we’re unable to accept requests for specific instructors. Due to current constraints, our class availability and student intake are limited.

Hours of Operation

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