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Swim Team

The PJCC Barracuda Swim Team gives kids 5 to 18 an unforgettable experience that builds their swim skills, teamwork skills, and confidence.

Bronze Level: Ages 5 - 8

Bronze Barracudas. Brighten the Water.

If you can swim freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke at least 50 yards and have knowledge of butterfly. A great way to learn racing strokes, starts and turns, and build endurance.

Silver Level: Ages 8 - 12

Silver Barracudas. Shining Examples.

If you’re competent in all four racing strokes, starts and turns, and can swim continuously for 20 minutes.

Gold Level: Ages 11 - 18

Gold Barracudas. Go for Gold.

If you can train autonomously, read a pace clock and swim at least 200 yards.

Elite Level

Our newest level! For swimmers who are competitive and able to maintain consistent interval training for 90 minutes.