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Beged Kefet Hebrew School: High School Advanced

Beged Kefet’s high school classes are designed for ninth through twelfth grade students who want to strengthen their Hebrew language skills, earn high school credit to fulfill the foreign language requirement (which is also required by some collegiate institutions), and prepare themselves for the SAT II in Hebrew. Placement in the appropriate level is determined after staff evaluation.

Colleges throughout the United States require a minimum of two years (and often three of the same language) of foreign language study in high school to ensure that a student has acquired a high level of language proficiency. Beged Kefet has been recognized as a foreign language course by many Silicon Valley school districts, and provides the necessary credit points in cooperation with Kehillah High School. Students are required to take 100 hours of study per year, accumulated through weekly three-hour lessons. To complete the required hours of study, at the beginning of the year, students will be presented with various topics to choose from so that they can plan their enrichment activities according to their interests. All school events, such as Independence Day and Memorial Day ceremonies, are examples of events in which students are invited to participate and attend.

Beged Kefet offers high school classes at various levels. We group students based on ability and accordingly select the appropriate study materials. The curriculum is based on the NETA program, a Hebrew acronym for Youth for the Benefit of Hebrew, and includes updated curricula based on carefully chosen sources. The program, which was created for secondary grade students, cultivates all aspects of Hebrew language learning—grammar and content, conversations and literature, poetry and factual information, exercises and practice and topics for lively discussion, songs and moral dilemmas, writing assignments and independent reading, current events and biblical texts.

Bishvil Ha’Ivrit (For the Hebrew) NETA books offer quality material for all levels of Hebrew, from beginners to advanced. For higher level students, advanced and engaging material is provided. These materials introduce students to Hebrew of all historical periods: biblical, rabbinic, medieval, enlightenment and modern. The program offers a wide range of genres—prose and poetry, conversations, interviews, articles, lists, questionnaires and more. It also provides opportunities to master all four language skills—reading, writing, listening and speaking—as well as continuous progress of grammar and linguistics. Linguistic ability gradually grows through continuous progression in length and complexity of texts, rich vocabulary and more syntactic complexity.

We combine technology that enhances and supports learning with audio recordings, interactive technology, documentary films and more. As students speak, read, write and listen to spoken Hebrew, they encounter varying viewpoints on Israeli daily life, Jewish tradition and history, and general world knowledge. For more information about NETA please visit the website: https://neta.cet.ac.il.

The purpose of our program is to teach and develop the fundamentals of the modern Hebrew language in all four aspects—reading, writing, speaking, listening and comprehension—while emphasizing Israeli culture through a variety of texts and subjects that are part of the students’ world.

High School Beginning: A Class for High School Students Who Do Not Read or Write in Hebrew

The Mechina class is based on a curriculum developed by NETA. The year-long program intensive helps students acquire reading and writing skills based on content and texts appropriate for high school students. During the first months, students will acquire reading and writing skills while working through online sites during class and at home for homework and assignment completion. As students continue their progress, they will start using the first book within the NETA series, Bishvil Ha’Ivrit (For the Hebrew).

High school students can only miss up to two classes during each of the two semesters. It is the student’s responsibility to attend make up classes if needed in coordination with their teacher. Student who misses more than two classes during a semester will not qualify to finish the course and will not get a grade or a transcript.

High school classes meet once a week for three hours. Registration, as well as information about tuition and fees can be found on our Registration page.

Hours of Operation

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  • Sat & Sun 7 am - 6 pm (Group Ex by Reservation)
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  • Mon-Fri 8 am – 4 pm
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