The epitome of graceful strength. The practice of Pilates engages the very core of you, and helps you master beautiful balance.

Pilates at the PJCC

The PJCC offers Pilates classes for every level. Try a Pilates mat class or check out our Reformer classes.

Our Pilates Reformer program is open to the public!

Pilates Reformer Class Packages

  Member Price Public Price
4-Pack: Single $100 $140
4-Pack: Recurring $90 NA
8-Pack: Single $190 $270
8-Pack: Recurring $180 NA

Pilates Private Training

  Member Public
Private Training
Single Session: 30 Minutes $39.50 $44.50
Single Session: 1 Hour $77 $87
5-Pack: 1 Hour $360 $410
10-Pack: 1 Hour $670 $770
Semi-Private Training Price per Person: Member Price per Person: Public
Single Session: 1 Hour $54 $64
5-Pack: 1 Hour $252 $302
10-Pack: 1 Hour $452 $552

Pilates Mat

For Center Members, the PJCC offers free Pilates mat classes utilizing props such as Pilates rings and Therabands. Our Pilates mat classes are taught with Joseph Pilates’ classic breathing techniques, precision, and flow. We emphasize safety and challenge underutilized muscles. Not only do we target the abdominals in these classes, but we also challenge the back, inner and outer thighs, and gluteals. Check out the schedule for times!

חדש ב- PJCC: פילאטיס מכשירים בעברית


תאריך: יום שלישי • זמן: 7:00 -7:55 • עלות: 4 שיעורים- $100 למנויים / $140 דולר לציבור 


קחו את האימון שלכם לשלב הבא עם פילאטיס על מיטת רפורמר

• שיפור היציבה באימון מתון

• חיזוק הגב

• שמירה על משקל, חיטוב, הארכת השרירים ושיפור הגמישות

• חיזוק מרכז הגוף באמצעות התנגדות

• פיתוח שליטה מוחלטת בגוף עם קואורדינציה משופרת ואיזון

• פיתוח סיבולת לב-ריאה

שיעור זה מתאים לדוברי עברית שוטפת | לא נדרש ידע קודם

ניתן למימוש במשך 35 ימים מיום מהקניה


pilates@pjcc.org לפרטים נוספים ניתן לפנות אלינו בכתובת
650.378.2703או התקשרו אלינו בטלפון

Pilates Reformer Classes for Hebrew Speakers

Tuesdays • 7:00 – 7:55 pm • 4-pack of classes: $100 Center Members/$140 Public

This class is appropriate for Hebrew speakers only. Expiration: 35 days after first class in the package is taken.

To register, visit the Welcome Center, log in to MindBody Online, or call 650.378.2703. Questions? Please contact pilates@pjcc.org or call 650.378.2736.

Pilates Trial Classes

Want to try Pilates? We offer a free trial; come check us out! Space is limited so contact us soon. Call 650.378.2736 or email us at pilates@pjcc.org.

Postnatal Recovery

Tuesday, March 31

Program Cancellation Notification
Your health and safety is the PJCC’s highest priority.

The San Mateo County Department of Health issued recommendations to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Included in the recommendations was social distancing, with a goal of reducing the occasions when large numbers of people come together and potentially are exposed to the virus circulating in the community at large. Because of this, we are cancelling Coffee Talk at the Nest through the end of March. PJCC & JBN Family Fun Time and Postnatal Recovery have also been cancelled. We will contact registrants when we have more information.

Thank you for your understanding during this quickly evolving situation.

Hours & Schedules
Hours of Operation: Stage 1 Reopening
  • Mon - Thurs 7am - 7pm by Reservation
  • Fri Closed
  • Sat - Sun 9am - 5pm by Reservation
Membership Sales By Appointment
  • Mon - Sun Email membership@pjcc.org
Café at the J Hours
  • Mon - Sun Closed in Stage 1 Reopening
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