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We're Celebrating 70 Years! Share Your PJCC Story.
We're Celebrating 70 Years! Share Your PJCC Story.


The epitome of graceful strength. The practice of Pilates engages the very core of you, and helps you master beautiful balance.

Pilates at the PJCC

The PJCC offers Pilates classes for every level. Try a Pilates mat class or check out our Reformer classes.

Our Pilates Reformer program is open to the public!

Pilates Core Challenge 2018

Monday, October 1 – Sunday, November 11
Free to all PJCC Pilates Students!
Take part in our annual Pilates Core Challenge and be strong and sculpted by Thanksgiving!

The first 50 to complete seven Pilates Reformer Classes and/or Private Pilates Sessions receive a pair of Tucketts “sticky” socks!

The first 25 to complete 13 Reformer and/or Private Pilates sessions will also earn an official PJCC Pilates T-Shirt!

How Does the Challenge Work?

  • Print your name on the challenge board in the Pilates Studio
  • Each time you complete a Reformer Class and/or Private Pilates Session, put a sticker next to your name in the square(s) on the board.
  • The Pilates instructor will initial the sticker.

Registration is open September 24 – October 8. Sign up on the challenge board in the Pilates Studio!

Pilates Reformer Class Packages

  Member Price Public Price
4-Pack: Single $100 $140
4-Pack: Recurring $90 NA
8-Pack: Single $190 $270
8-Pack: Recurring $180 NA

Pilates Private Training

  Member Public
Private Training
Single Session: 30 Minutes $39.50 $44.50
Single Session: 1 Hour $77 $87
5-Pack: 1 Hour $360 $410
10-Pack: 1 Hour $670 $770
Semi-Private Training Price per Person: Member Price per Person: Public
Single Session: 1 Hour $54 $64
5-Pack: 1 Hour $252 $302
10-Pack: 1 Hour $452 $552

Pilates Mat

For Center Members, the PJCC offers free Pilates mat classes utilizing props such as Pilates rings and Therabands. Our Pilates mat classes are taught with Joseph Pilates’ classic breathing techniques, precision, and flow. We emphasize safety and challenge underutilized muscles. Not only do we target the abdominals in these classes, but we also challenge the back, inner and outer thighs, and gluteals. Check out the schedule for times!

Pilates Trial Classes

Want to try Pilates? We offer a free trial; come check us out! Space is limited so contact us soon. Call 650.378.2736 or email us at pilates@pjcc.org.