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Located in the Koret Learning Center hall, the Art Gallery at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center is committed to showcasing the works of talented Jewish artists as well as presenting exhibits that explore Jewish values, themes and ideas. Our exhibits are designed to stimulate personal thought and lively conversations among our members and guests. Exhibits are free and open to the public!

PJCC Art Gallery Presents

Climate of Concern
By Hannah Rothstein

Upon the eventual reopening of the PJCC, Climate of Concern will be extended through August 24.

Two men were having a dispute over a piece of land, that each claimed to own. They sought advice from a rabbi. After listening to each of their claims, the rabbi put an ear to the ground, and after a moment stood up. “My friends, the land says it belongs to neither of you but that you belong to it.”
—Source unknown, cited by Rabbi David E. Stein in A Garden of Choice Fruits, Shomrei Adamah, 1991

Artist Statement
Climate of Concern is the unification of two projects, National Parks 2050 (2017) and 50 States of Change (2020). Each project reinvents a past aesthetic to make a point essential to our future: that we can no longer afford to ignore climate change.

Though the data behind climate change has been out there for years, it’s historically done little to incite action. It’s too sterile and unemotional for the average person. This is where Climate of Concern comes in. Its works give a visual voice to numbers, an emotional impact to research. To put a spin on the old adage, a picture is worth a thousand charts.

The imagery in this show draws you in with retro design that feels comfortably familiar. This inviting air is abruptly interrupted the second you look a little closer; you realize all is not as it seems in these faux-nostalgic scenes. Sunny snapshots of the past have been replaced with dark depictions of what climate change is doing to our country. Wonder has been replaced with warning. Climate of Concern leverages these juxtapositions to maximize impact. It’s at once approachable and arresting. And, it compels us to take action against climate change in order to preserve our future histories and present landscapes.

We have the ability to protect our planet and outsmart the issues caused by climate change, but we need to act now. From Franklin to Fuller, America has been made its greatest by embracing ingenuity and innovation. Climate of Concern makes the urgency of action apparent, breaks the silence we’ve bit sitting in, and impels us to act.

National Parks 2050
“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” -Aldous Huxley
National Parks 2050 is a call to action. Drawing upon the classic National Parks posters, this series shows how climate change will affect seven of America’s most beloved landscapes. In doing so, it makes climate change feel close to home and hard to ignore.
Each image in this series was first created digitally. To make the paintings, Rothstein projected the digital image onto canvas, made a tracing of the image, and then, painted with the tracing as a guide.
The series, released in 2017, went viral and was highlighted in a wide array of media outlets including The New York Times, The PBS Newshour, CityLab, VICE, the NRDC, Fast Company, and more.

50 States of Change
A project in progress, 50 States of Change bridges art and activism. The series will be composed of 50 postcards that depict an effect of climate change in each state. Making use of a postcard style popular in mid-century America, the works prompt viewers to consider the difficulties that will visit us if we fail to act against climate change.
Once complete, the works are intended to be used in a letter-writing campaign to politicians urging them to act against climate change.

Hannah Rothstein is redefining art in the eyes of the Millennial Generation. Her internet-viral work spans many media, from watercolor to digital art, and has been published in The New York Times, TIME, The Guardian, Vogue Italia, and more. See more of Hannah’s work on her website www.hrothstein.com and Instagram (@HRothsteinArt).

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Program Cancellation Notification
Your health and safety is the PJCC’s highest priority.

Due to San Mateo County Department of Health order, we have cancelled in-person programs for the current time.

Thank you for your understanding during this evolving situation.

We are currently in Stage One of our reopening plan. To learn more about this and future stages, please visit https://pjcc.org/reopen/

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