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PJCC Supports Pride. March with Us on June 24; Sign Up Now!
PJCC Supports Pride. March with Us on June 24; Sign Up Now!

Meet Our Preschool Staff

Our warm and caring staff is an experienced group of dedicated, early childhood professionals who combine a strong educational background with a love for and appreciation of young children. Together we create a community of life-long learners, with ongoing professional development training in the most current research and philosophies for early learning.

Erica Gilbert

Director of Early Childhood Education

The PJCC preschool is a very special place to learn and grow. Seeing the world through the eyes of children is a gift of being in education. I have had the joy of being in education for over 20 years. Being able to support children, families and staff in life’s journey is a joy. It is exciting to be a part of such a special community.

Rachel Fenyves

Assistant Director

I have worked in Jewish Early Childhood Education for 12 out of my 16 years in the early childhood field. My passion is community building, beginning with our youngest community members and their families. As a dedicated life-long-learner I feel at home in the PJCC preschool, and I look forward to growing alongside all the children.