PJCC Member Code of Conduct

The Peninsula Jewish Community Center (PJCC) is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for everyone. Each one of us shares responsibility to foster the kindness, respect, and understanding that make our PJCC community uniquely welcoming and inclusive. To promote the enjoyment and well-being of everyone on our campus:

Strive to have positive and constructive interactions.

  • Engage with others kindly and without harassment, intimidation, threatening or aggressive behavior, harmful or unwanted physical contact, angry or vulgar language, or any form of discrimination.

Be respectful of peoples’ privacy and boundaries.

  • Only photograph, video, livestream, and video chat in areas where other people’s images will not accidentally or intentionally be used without their consent.*
  • Take care to refrain from disruptive noise, including shouting, banging, playing music or content that others can hear, and cellphone or video conversations that may disturb others.
  • Maintain privacy in locker rooms where cell phone use, photos and videos are prohibited.
  • Avoid sexually explicit conversation, comments, behavior, and revealing clothing that others might find offensive.

Model healthy and safe behavior.

  • Use and store equipment safely, avoiding actions that may endanger yourself or others.
  • Weapons and harmful objects of any kind have no place at the PJCC.
  • Smoking, vaping, narcotics, and illegal drugs are not permitted on the PJCC campus.

Ensure that shared spaces are accessible to others.

  • Treat facilities and equipment with care so they remain in excellent condition for everyone.
  • Keep personal items attended to or stored in lockers, and off of floors, equipment, and furnishings.
  • Keep rest time between multiple sets to a minimum. When doing multiple sets, allow others to work in.
  • Let us know if something needs repair.

Enlist the PJCC’s support and expertise.

  • Ask questions about how to properly use equipment.
  • Attend one of our many classes and programs to learn more and build connections with the PJCC community.
  • Please use PJCC’s personal training, athletic training, and swim instructors while onsite and refrain from hiring outside private coaching for instruction at the PJCC.

Should any behavior jeopardize our community’s safety or harmony, the PJCC reserves the right to take appropriate action, including suspension or cancellation of membership privileges and restriction from program participation.

*The PJCC also may request modification or removal of any use of the image, face, voice, or likeness of a PJCC employee, member, or guest at our campus.

August 2023

Hours of Operation

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Center Hours
  • Mon - Thur 5 am - 9 pm (Group Ex by Reservation)
  • Fri 5 am - 6 pm (Group Ex by Reservation)
  • Sat & Sun 7 am - 6 pm (Group Ex by Reservation)
Admin Office Hours
  • Mon-Fri 8 am – 4 pm
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