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Reopening Responsibly July 1, 2020

We are preparing to welcome adults back into the Center for modified Aquatics and Fitness, when our Reopening Stage 1 begins on Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

The health and safety of you, our community, is the PJCC’s top priority. Every decision regarding our Stage 1 reopening has been made for the health and safety of our members, program participants, and staff. We’ve worked collaboratively with health experts in local government, public and private medicine, the fitness industry, the local school district, and the JCC movement.

Reopening Stage 1 is the first of a multi-staged plan to resume PJCC fitness and wellness services in a safe and modified form in compliance with state, county and local guidelines and CDC recommendations, including:

• Mandatory masks

• Physical distancing and sanitation practices

• Extensive cleaning protocols

• Limiting facility capacity

Below we have outlined reopening logistics that we ask you to familiarize yourself with, before your first visit back into the Center. When you walk through our doors, the JCC will look and feel different than before, and we know you will embrace these changes as we work together to make the PJCC safe and enjoyable for the community. We thank you for your patience and cooperation as we safely move forward together.

We Can’t Wait to Welcome You Back!

Reopening Stage 1 Protocols at a Glance

Continue reading for our comprehensive policies and protocols.

PJCC Protocols - Stage 1


Reopening Stage 1: Logistics

Prior to visiting the PJCC, please familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures covered in the sections below.

Staged Reopening for the PJCC

These dates may change due to orders by the San Mateo County Health Department.

Stage 1
July 1, 2020
Stage 2
Anticipated September 2020
Stage 3
Anticipated January 2021
Stage 4
Timing TBD
Adults 18+ years old return for modified fitness and aquatics. Guests, teens, and children will not be allowed at this time. Children and teens will be welcomed back to the Center and we will resume youth activities including swim lessons, swim team, and some after-school activities. Physical distancing and masks relaxed and/or no longer required. Older adult, in-person programming resumes.
Membership billing for adults will resume on July 1, 2020. Children and teens will not be billed for membership dues in Stage 1, as they will not access the Center. Children and teen membership dues billing will resume.Swimming returns to normal capacity. Events and large gatherings resume.
Outdoor and virtual Group Exercise classes offered (No Evolution Cycle or Aqua Aerobics classes at this time). Increased Group Exercise offerings in conjunction with potentially resuming indoor Group Exercise. Fitness East & West Studios return to normal and equipment is removed from the gymnasium; basketball and other court games resume in the gymnasium. People in vulnerable populations return to the Center.
Swimming pools limited to lap swimming and water walking with one person per lane limit. Spa resumes on appointment basis only. In-person adult programs resume; those in vulnerable populations still encouraged to stay home.
100 Members at one time inside the Center; 90-minute reservations required through MINDBODY via the PJCC MINDBODY App or online at MindBodyOnline.com. Reservations can be made 3 days in advance and up to 60 minutes before desired class or appointment, space permitting. Reservations open Sunday, June 28. J.Care, locker rooms, and gymnasium remain closed. The Café at the J reopens.
Physical distancing of 6 feet required at all times throughout the facility. Sauna, steam room, and whirlpools remain closed. No large-scale gatherings/events will be held.
Masks worn by staff at all times; masks worn by members except when working out or swimming. Physical distancing, mask requirements, sanitation protocols, and capacity limits still required.
J.Care (childcare) closed.
Spa (massage and skin care) closed.
Locker and changing rooms closed (no showers, no towel service).
Sauna, steam room, and whirlpool closed.
Gymnasium (basketball courts) and related activities closed.
Café at the J closed.
You will not be given entry to the Center if you had any of these new or unexplained symptoms in the 24 hours prior to your visit: Fever of 100.4 or higher; cough; chills; headache; shortness of breath; sore throat; new loss of taste or smell; and/or muscle pain unrelated to physical exercise.
Non-Center Members (guests) are not permitted in the center during this Stage.
All Center Members must have an appointment to access the Center during this Stage.

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New Center Hours Starting July 1

Monday-Thursday 7:00 am–7:00 pm

Friday Closed

Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am–5:00 pm

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Cleaning & Sanitizing Procedures

All PJCC staff working on campus attend mandatory training regarding COVID-19 prevention and safety protocols. And the cleaning staff are receiving advanced cleaning protocol training.

Fitness equipment will be sanitized before and after each use and additional staff will be posted for attentive cleaning. In between member 90-minute sessions, when the Center is closed, staff will disinfect “fog” the equipment and the environment.

The Center will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day using products and protocols that meet CDC and EPA guidelines.

Floors will be cleaned and disinfected.

Frequent-contact surfaces (such as door handles, counters, sinks, handrails, etc.) will be sanitized multiple times per day.

HVAC filters that help reduce micro-particulate-contamination have been installed and a rigorous replacement schedule will be followed.

Water fountains will be unavailable. Please plan accordingly and bring all the water you need.

Health and hygiene reminders have been prominently placed including reminders about hand washing, physical distancing, and other guidelines.

Hand sanitizing and hand washing stations have been added around the Center.

Sanitizing products used contain a minimum of 70% alcohol.

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Membership Policies & Procedures

Masks for Members & Staff

We will require members to be diligent about wearing a mask while in the parking lot, entering and exiting the building, inside the Center when not working out, in our outdoor spaces prior to and after exercise, and on the pool decks before and after your swim.

Staff will wear masks without exception.

Physical Distancing & Hygiene Standards

Members need to observe 6-foot physical distancing, wipe down exercise equipment before and after use, and wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer frequently.

We have added hand washing stations throughout the Center, in addition to our already increased hand sanitizer dispensers.  The PJCC increased our already rigorous cleaning protocols to meet the requirements of the San Mateo County Health Department for COVID-19 prevention. Equipment is cleaned by staff before and after each use, and members are required to clean all the equipment they use.

PJCC uses sanitizer that meets the County required 70% alcohol content, as well as CDC and EPA standards.

Facility Time Limits and Fitness & Swimming Reservations

Members will reserve 90-minute appointments in the Fitness Center and 40-minute reservations in the Pool. After each block of appointments, the Center will close for 30 minutes to accommodate deep cleaning of all equipment and public spaces.

Reservations can be made 3 days in advance and up to 60 minutes before a desired class or appointment, space permitting, through MINDBODY.

Guests are not permitted in the Center during Stage 1. Only Center Members are permitted and an appointment is required.

What to Bring

Members are required to bring their own towels, swim goggles, water, yoga mats, blocks, and straps. Please note, PJCC will NOT provide towel service. And drinking fountains will be turned off and unavailable. Plan to bring all the water you will need to stay well hydrated during and after your workout or swim.

Members will receive a reusable, clear plastic tote bag at your first visit back to the Center, should be used to carry all personal and workout items. Members are responsible for personal items while at the Center. Please do not bring any other bags, totes, backpacks, purses, or satchels, as they will not be allowed into the Center.

Some equipment will not have Internet access due to its new location. If you like to watch television or use streaming services during your workout, we encourage you to bring in your own device and headphones.

Check-in Procedures & Welcome Center

Please bring your membership card, you will need it for self-scan-in to enter the Center. We will not have a staff member available to search in the database for your membership if you don’t have your membership card and you will be denied access.

If you prefer not to carry your card, take a picture of your membership card — ensuring that the full barcode is visible in the photo — and save it on your phone to use to self-scan in.

You will enter the PJCC through the left-hand side of the automatic doors and exit the Center through the right-hand side of the automatic doors. Please follow the outdoor signage on spacing and arrows on the ground to guide you into the Center, and then upon exit follow the arrows to return you back to the parking lot. We will practice a staggered Center entry to maintain safe physical distances.

Sneeze guards are installed around the Security/check-in desk and at the Welcome Center. The Welcome Center will be staffed with one staff member who will assist with general inquiries. We will not take any in-person registrations/reservations; all registration business will be handled online or over the phone.

Locker Rooms and Lockers

All locker rooms are closed during Stage 1, including any changing rooms. Public and private lockers will not be available for use. No exceptions will be made.

Member Services Hours & Support

Our Member Services support team is available to assist you by e-mail at memberservices@pjcc.org during the hours of Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm. The Member Services support team will respond to e-mails sent outside of these times as soon as possible.

Membership Sales

Our Membership Sales team will not work on site, other than by appointment only.

Contact us about Membership.

J.Care Childcare

J.Care will be closed and unavailable, as we are unable at this time to meet the County’s guideline for safe childcare practices within the square footage of our J.Care space.


The spa will be closed for services. Eminence products may be purchased on our MINDBODY page or via Eminence.

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Members will reserve 90-minute appointments in the Fitness Center and 40-minute reservations in the Pool. After each block of appointments, the Center will close for 30 minutes to accommodate deep cleaning of all equipment and public spaces.

Reservations can be made 3 days in advance and up to 60 minutes before a desired class or appointment, space permitting, through MINDBODY.

Reservations can be made through MINDBODY or the PJCC App. For instructions, please consult the following documents:

How to Make a Reservation via MINDBODY How to Make a Reservation via the PJCC App

Note: Every Center Member is issued an MindBody login with the email address provided to the PJCC upon joining. If you have not yet used MindBody, please follow these directions to set up your password, a step required prior to making a reservation in the system.

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Fitness & Aquatics: Areas, Equipment & Classes

Fitness East, Fitness West, Gymnasium

Some cardio and strength equipment from Fitness East and Fitness West has been moved into the gymnasium to provide maximum physical distancing and create workout pods where members will safely have space to use equipment reserved solely for their use. In all three areas, members will be required to stay in their assigned pods while working out. Staff will be available to bring members the equipment (free weights, Bosu balls, jump ropes, etc.) they need, so they do not have to leave their pods.

Workout Studio for Vulnerable Populations

A Vulnerable Populations Studio has been created on the first floor of the PJCC in the Board Room (clearly identified by signage upon entering the Center) for those who want a segregated space to work out in. Like all fitness workouts, members using the Vulnerable Populations Studio will need to make a reservation in MINDBODY. A few pieces of cardio equipment are located in the Vulnerable Populations Studio, and light free weights are available for use in individual workout pods. At the conclusion of the workout, members will then leave through a private exit door in the Vulnerable Populations Studio. Additionally, there is a private bathroom available for members who choose to use the Vulnerable Populations Studio.


The indoor and outdoor pools will be limited to lap swimming and water walking, with one swimmer per lane. Lanes in both pools will alternate directions and the pool decks will be arranged so members are never adjacent to one another when entering and exiting the swimming pools. Like all fitness, swimmers will need to make a reservation in MINDBODY.

Both the whirlpool indoors and kiddie pool outdoors will be closed and unavailable.

The outdoor pool deck furniture and indoor pool deck bleachers will be unavailable for use.

Per San Mateo County guidelines, warm-water rinse showers will be available on the indoor and outdoor pool deck. Please do not use soap or shampoo in these showers and use the waiting area if shower is in use

Kickboards will be available for Member use. All other equipment will not be available; we welcome you to bring in your own.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions will primarily be held in the Group Exercise Studio on the first floor and in the Yoga Studio on the second floor, so members and trainers remain safe while ensuring a terrific workout. Trainers will observe a safe 6-foot physical distance from their clients and will only approach or touch a client to prevent an injury or other serious situation.

Group Exercise

In-person Group Exercise classes will take place outdoors (Hamlin Garden, outdoor pool deck, and the Functional Fitness Park) with physical distance markers to indicate where each class member should stand.

Cycling classes will not be offered.

Aqua Aerobics will not be offered.

Reservations must be made through MINDBODY for Group Exercise classes due to Center capacity limits. Reservations can be made 3 days in advance up to 60 minutes before the class. View our schedule here.

Members will be required to wipe off all equipment they touch and use with provided disinfectant wipes. Please clean before and after use.

You must bring your own yoga mat, blocks, and straps.

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Locker Rooms: Showers, Saunas, Steam Rooms, & Restrooms

The locker rooms and family changing rooms will all be closed and unavailable for showering, changing, storing belongings, and any use other than restroom access. Showers, saunas, steam rooms will be closed and unavailable.

Restrooms in the locker rooms and family changing rooms will be available for use, as will the restrooms on the first floor near the Board Room and on the second floor near Fitness West.

The two individual restrooms in the Koret Hallway will not be available for member use.

The single two restrooms on the indoor pool deck will be open and available for use. The restroom on the outdoor pool deck near the fence will be available for use.

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Entry to the Center, Traffic Flow Through Center, & Physical Distancing

The traffic pattern through the Center will travel in one direction. Please be prepared to follow arrows and signage on the floor to move through the Center safely, and with 6’ of distance between yourself and all other people.

Members will enter the PJCC through the automatic doors, one person at a time, hands-free scan their membership card and enter the facility through the doors on the left. Traffic will move through the lobby, down the Byer Athletic Center Hallway, and up the stairs to the second floor, where members will enter the gymnasium or Fitness East. From the gymnasium members will travel through Fitness East, across the bridge, and into Fitness West, or on toward the staircase in the Koret Hallway. The upstairs restrooms near the Koret stairwell will be open and available for use. Members will travel down the Koret stairwell, turn right at the bottom of the stairs, walk down the Koret Hallway, along the left side of the lobby and out the left-side set of doors and our through the automatic doors on the left side, to exit the Center.

Restroom usage upstairs in the middle of a workout will require members to exit the restrooms, head down the Koret stairwell, walk through the lobby, down the Byer Athletic Center Hallway, up the stairs, and return to the gymnasium, Fitness East, or Fitness West.

Swimmers will enter the PJCC, travel through the lobby, down the Byer Athletic Center Hallway, and either on to the indoor pool or out to the outdoor pool. There is a one-way flow around both the indoor and outdoor pool decks. At the end of their swim session, swimmers, will retrace their steps down the Byer Athletic Center Hallway, across the lobby to the left side doors and exit to the left.

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Safety in Parking Lots

Please follow signs in the parking lots to drive in one direction, and park in every other spot to support safe physical distancing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I would like to join the PJCC. Are you accepting new members?

Yes! Please contact our Membership team and we will reach out to you. As a reopening special, we are offering $0 enrollment fees.

You are welcome to review our Virtual Tour to see the current configuration of our Center. We are doing in person tours by appointment only. For those that aren’t comfortable coming in to the center the virtual tour is an option.

My family member would like to join me for a workout. Can I bring them with me?

During Stage 1 of our reopening, only adult (18+) Center Members with appointments can work out with us.

If your family member, friend, or workout buddy would like to join as a PJCC Center Member, please have them contact us via the form on our Membership page.

Can I bring my child/teenager? They are a Center Member.

Sorry, only adult (18+) Center Members are allowed during Stage 1 of our reopening. This includes the workout areas as well as those who would typically stay with us in J.Care.

Will you have water available in all fitness areas? How about towels?

All of our water fountains are non-operational at this time. Please bring sufficient water with you for your workout.

Likewise, we are not offering towel service at this time; please bring your own clean towel.

Can I make an appointment for both the pool and the fitness area in one day?

Yes. If your appointments are back-to-back, you will be required to leave the Center for the 30 minute closure for cleaning, and re-enter for your second reservation. Appointments are for the primary activity only. In some cases if timeslots are not full, you may be able to do more than one activity within one 90-minute block of time. We do ask that members think of availability for their fellow members and if possible limit appointments to one per day.

What if I miss my scheduled appointment or need to reschedule?

You can manage your appointment in MindBody. We ask that if you are not going to make it that you do cancel your appointment so it frees up the slot for someone else. If a member no-shows for two appointments in a month, they may face suspension of membership.

Where can I stretch prior to my workout?

The individual workout pods are perfect for stretching! And allows us to properly clean the space after use.

Where will Yoga and Pilates classes take place?

Yoga and Pilates classes will be held in the common Group Exercise areas listed above. During our early reopening Stages, the Yoga and Pilates studios are reserved for personal training and other activities, so as to allow for adequate physical distancing.

I'd like to access virtual classes. How can I do so?

To access our robust, exclusive virtual-fitness offerings, Center Members should log in to MyPJCC and browse for classes under the “Virtual Content” tab. Note: your username is the email address you have on file with the PJCC.

New to MyPJCC? Download these instructions for accessing our Virtual Content.

I have a different question. Whom can I contact?

Please send an email to memberservices@pjcc.org and we will be happy to assist you.

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