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PJCC Supports Pride. March with Us on June 24; Sign Up Now!
PJCC Supports Pride. March with Us on June 24; Sign Up Now!

Menschville Podcasts

Listen to a short podcast each month to help you focus on one “middah” (character trait) as we move through the year. Join Rabbi Lavey Derby and Julie Emden for 10-minute meditation and yoga practices to support you in your Menschville journey.

To find a specific episode, click on the word “Episodes” at the top of the screen below. A list of currently available episodes will appear. Select the one you’d like to hear, click “Play,” and you’re ready to go!

October: Compassion Rachamim רחמים

November: Humility Anava ענוה

December: Gratitude Hakarat Ha Tov הכרת הטוב

January: Equanimity Menuchat Ha Nefesh מנוחת הנפש

March/April: Loving-kindness Hesed חסד

May/June: Patience Savlanut סבלנות

Coming Up:
Enthusiasm Zrizut זריזות
Moderation Shevil Ha’Zahav שביל הזהב
Happiness/Joy Simcha שמחה
Perseverance Netzach נצח
Forgiveness Mechila מחילה


These programs are offered by the Peninsula Jewish Community Center in partnership with Embodied Jewish Learning. Embodied Jewish Learning is supported by the Joan and Robert Sinton Philanthropic Fund and the Opaline Fund of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment, Barbara and Christopher Wilson, Richard and Patricia Gibbs, and is a graduate of the UpStart Accelerator.